Topic #9 Overview Sheet

  Assignment #1


  • textbook:  pg. 293 to top of pg. 295; pg. 297 to mid-pg.303; bottom of pg. 308 to mid-pg. 310. 
  • PowerPoint:  "The Antebellum South.


  1. What was "the most important economic development in the South of the mid-19c?" 
  2. Identify the different agricultural regions in the Antebellum South as well as the shifting patterns of agricultural production there.
  3. How did cotton become "king" in the South?  Why did short-staple cotton become such a popular crop?
  4. What role did James B. D. DeBow and his magazine play in supporting the idea that the Antebellum South had a "colonial" economy?
  5. Why did the South do so little to develop a larger industrial and commercial economy of its own in the 19C?
  6. What was the "Cavalier" image created by Southerners?  How did they view Northern industrialists?
  7. How was the aristocratic "ideal" more a myth in the Antebellum South than a reality?
  8. How did the idea of "honor" affect southern life in the years prior to the Civil War?
  9. How was the role played by affluent southern white women like that of their northern counterparts?  How was it different?
  10. What accounted for the differences between southern and northern women?  What additional burdens did white southern women have to deal with that their northern counterparts did not?
  11. What was life like for southern "plain folk' or yeomen?  Why were their opportunities for economic and social advancement limited?
  12. How did the people living in the "hill country" differ from their white counterparts in the rest of the South?
  13. What was life like for the "crackers" or "poor white trash" of the Antebellum era?  Why were they so despised by all white southerners?   by slaves as well?
  14. Why did so few non-slaveholding whites oppose the slaveholding oligarchy?  Where did these opponents live?
  15. What were the most widely recognized slave revolts?  What did they accomplish?
  16. What was the role of white "slave patrols?"


  Assignment #2


  • H-O-H: "Differing Views of Slavery."  [BB]  Don't print this packet out--I'll give it to you in class


  1. Textbook Quizzes --> chapter 11
  2. My Quizzes -->  A   B

Outlines / Lecture Notes / Review Sheets:
  1. APUSH Review Timeline (interactive)
  2. Giant AHAP Review Sheet by a student from the class of '04, Horace Greeley HS
  3. Lecture outline --> "The Antebellum South and Slavery" (Prof. David McGee, Central Virginia Community College)
  4. The Peculiar Institution of Slavery - outline
  5. Presidential Election Data --> 1832     1836     1840     1844     1848



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