Terms :
  1. Why did the Europeans have a long attraction to the Far East?
  2. What motivated the Europeans to embark on overseas explorations by the 15c?
  3. Why were overseas voyages possible by the end of the 15c?
  4. Trace the origins and development of Portuguese exploration and expansion.  What relationship did it have to Italian commercial activities?  Why were the Portuguese so successful?
  5. Why didn't the Chinese merchants continue to dominate the vast Afro-Asian trade network of the 15c?
  6. How did Spain come to acquire an overseas empire?
  7. What was the encomienda system?  How did it work?
  8. How did this new Spanish Empire created in the Americas continue the traditions of the older Reconquista?  How did they organize their vast empire?
  9. Describe the various social classes that emerged in colonial Spanish America?
  10. What role did Bartolom de Las Casas play in colonial Spanish America?
  11. [reading on pg. 498]-->In what ways did this account help create the image of the Spaniards as "cruel and murderous fanatics--the 'Black Legend'"?
  12. What were the results for Europe, the Americas, and Africa of the "Columbian Exchange"?
  13. Identify the impacts of European expansion on both the conquerors and those that they conquered.


                              ASSIGNMENT 2:

Terms :
* 16c "Price Revolution" * Amsterdam Bourse
* joint stock company * Lloyd's of London
* merchant capitalism * "Little Ice Age"
  1. Why was inflation a major economic problem in the 16c and early 17c?
  2. Why was Europe's population growing again in the 16c?
  3. What were the social and economic problems that troubled Europe from 1560 to 1650?
  4. What are the differing historical views concerning the causes of the 16c "Price Revolution"?
  5. Identify the major flourishing European trade areas in the 16c.
  6. What new forms of commercial organization were created to meet the growing economic expansion of the 16c?
  7. Why was the first half of the 17c sometimes called "The Dutch Half-Century"?
  8. How did the 16c economic expansion change in the 17c?  What caused that change?