bullet 16c Daily Life
bullet The Bourbons:  A Genealogical Chart (France)
bullet Diego Velázquez
bullet Documents Illustrating Jacobite History
bullet Dutch Classicism:  Amsterdam in the 17c
bullet The Dutch Royal Family
bullet Early Russian Tsars:  1462-1725 - Genealogical Chart 
bullet The House of Habsburgs - Lorraine:  Genealogical Chart
bullet The Huguenots 
bullet The Imperial House of Hapsburg
bullet LePoulet Gauche: The Wars of Religion, Part I     Part II
bullet Map-->"Europe in 1560"
bullet Map-->"Europe in 1600"
bullet Map--> "Ireland: 1500"
bullet Map-->"Religious and Political Divisions of France: 1585-1598"
bullet Map Labeling Self-Quiz-->The Religious Wars (Kagan text site)
bullet Myths of the Thirty Years' War
bullet The Religious Situation in Europe - map (1560)
bullet The Revolt of the Netherlands (University of Leiden)
bullet The Revolt of the Spanish Netherlands
bullet The Romanov Dynasty: Genealogical Chart (Russia)
bullet The Spanish Bourbons: Genealogical Chart
bullet The Spanish Habsburgs: Genealogical Chart
bullet The Spanish Succession: Genealogical Chart
bullet The Thirty Years' War (1)
bullet The Thirty Years' War (2)
bullet The Thirty Years' War (3)
bullet The Thirty Years' War Outline Notes
bullet Wars of Religion
bullet "The Western Traditions" video series on line - The Annenburg Foundation
bullet The Witch Hunts - primary & secondary sources
bullet Witch-Hunts in Early Modern Europe - PowerPoint

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bullet 1437-1486:  Witchcraft Documents (including an excerpt from the Malleus Maleficarum) 
bullet 1497:  "Four Witches" - engraving by Albrecht Dürer
bullet 1559:  Elizabeth I's "Supremacy Act"
bullet 1570:  Pope Pius V's Bull Against Elizabeth I
bullet 1571, 1662:  The Thirty-Nine Articles
bullet 1571:  Treasons Act (Elizabeth I's reign) 
bullet 1572:  The St. Bartholomew Day's Massacre  
bullet 1587:  The Execution of Mary of Scotland - recorded by Robert Wynkfielde
bullet 1598:  The Edict of Nantes
bullet 1598:  King James VI of Scotland - The True Law of Free Monarchies
bullet 1593:  Act Against Papists (Elizabeth I's reign)
bullet 1597:  A Private Audience with Elizabeth I as recorded by Andre Hurault the French Ambassador
bullet 1599:  Henry IV of France's speech to the Parlement of Paris
bullet early 1600s:  "An Assembly of Witches" - painting by Franz Francken
bullet 1605:  The Trial of Guy Fawkes
bullet 1608:  The Protestant Union
bullet 1618:  The Defenestration of Prague (Habsburg version)
bullet 1618:  "The Defenestration of Prague" - engraving by Merian
bullet 1624:  Cardinal Richelieu - Political Testament
bullet 1629:  Edict of Restitution
bullet 1629:  John Winthrop - "Reasons to be Considered for Justifying the Undertakers of the Intended Plantation in New England"
bullet 1642:  "The Company of Frans Banning Cock Preparing to March Out" - painting by Rembrandt
bullet 1648:  The Treaty of Westphalia
bullet 1660-61:  "A View of Delft" - painting by Jan VerMeer
bullet 1664:  The Tryal of Amy Duny - Witch