There's a name for war and killing
There's a name for giving in
When you know another answer
For me the name is sin

But there's still time to turn around
And make all hatred cease
And give another name to living
And we could call it PEACE....

                        -- John Denver, 1982


bullet 1130:  Yehuda Halevi - Two Hebrew Poems
bullet 1889:  Achad Ha'am - This is not the way ("The wrong way")
bullet 1891:  Achad Ha'am - An Open Letter to my Brethren: Pinsker and his Pamphlet, Auto-Emancipation
bullet 1896:  On the Jewish State - Theodore Hertzl (entire text)
bullet 1897:  Achad Ha'am - Jewish State, Jewish Problem
bullet 1897:  Program of the First Zionist Congress (Basle)
bullet 1899:  "The Zionist Movement" - by Gottheil, Richard, Ph.D. in The North American Review, vol. 169, issue 513 (August)
bullet 1908:  Arthur Ruppin: The Picture in 1907
bullet 1914:  British Imperial Connexions to the Arab National Movement, 1912-1914; Lord Kitchener, the Emir Abdullah, Sir Louis Mallet -- the Case of Aziz Ali
bullet 1915:  The Hussein-McMahon Letters (excerpt)
bullet 1916:  Sykes-Picot Agreement (5/15-16)
bullet 1917:  Balfour Declaration (11/2)
bullet 1917:  The 27 Articles - T. E. Lawrence from The Arab Bulletin (9/20)
bullet 1919:  Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations (6/28)
bullet 1919:  Feisal-Weizmann Agreement (1/3)
bullet 1919:  King Crane Commission Report - multiple documents (8/28)
bullet 1920:  The British Mandate For Palestine, San Remo Conference (4/24)
bullet 1921:  Mandate for Palestine - Interim report of the Mandatory to the LoN (6/30)
bullet 1922:  British White Paper of June 1922
bullet 1922:  Mandate for Palestine - League of Nations decision on Establishing the Mandate for Palestine (7/24)
bullet 1929:  Arthur Ruppin - Buying the Emek
bullet 1937:  Mandate for Palestine - Report of the Palestine Royal Commission (Peal Commission) - Summary report
bullet 1937:  Maps of the Peal Commission Partition
bullet 1939:  British White Paper of 1939
bullet 1944:  The Alexandria Protocol (10/7)
bullet 1945:  Attitude of American Government Toward Palestine - Letter From President Roosevelt to King Ibn Saud (4/5)
bullet 1945:  "The Creed of An American Zionist" - Milton Steinberg in The Atlantic Magazine (Feb)
bullet 1945:  Pact of the League of Arab States (3/22)
bullet 1946:  Arab Office Report to the Anglo-American Commission of Inquiry
bullet 1946:  Immigration into Palestine - Statement by President Truman (10/4)
bullet 1947:  U. S. Position on Palestine Question - Statement by Herschel V. Johnson, U. S. Deputy Representative to the United Nations (10/11)
bullet 1947:  UN General Assembly Resolution 181 (11/29) - on the partition of Palestine
bullet 1947-55:  Assorted UN Documents Regarding the Issue of Palestine
bullet 1948:  The Declaration of Israel's Independence (5/14)
bullet 1948:  UN General Assembly Resolution 194 (12/11)
bullet 1948:  UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (12/10)
bullet 1948:  U. S. Position on the Palestine Problem - Statement by Ambassador Warren R. Austin, U. S. Representative in the Security Council (3/19)
bullet 1950-70:  Israeli "Law of Return"
bullet 1956-66:  Assorted UN Documents Regarding the Issue of Palestine
bullet 1956:  Denouncement of the Proposal for a Canal Users' Association - speech by President Nasser (9/15)
bullet 1960:  UN Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples
bullet 1962:  UN General Assembly Resolution 1803 (XVII) of 14 December 1962, "Permanent sovereignty over natural resources"
bullet 1967:  The Khartoum Resolutions (9/1)
bullet 1967:  UN Resolution 242 (11/22)
bullet 1967-72:  Assorted UN Documents Regarding the Issue of Palestine
bullet 1968:  The Palestinian National Charter (6/18)
bullet 1973:  UN Security Council Resolution 338 (10/22)
bullet 1973-81:  Assorted UN Documents Regarding the Issue of Palestine
bullet 1974:  Palestine National Council Resolution
bullet 1976:  Manifesto of the Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace
bullet 1978:  Camp David Accords (9/17)
bullet 1978:  Exchange of Letters at Camp David between President Carter and Begin and Sadat (9/17)
bullet 1978:  U. N. Security Council Resolution 425
bullet 1979:  The Peace Treaty Between Israel and Egypt (3/26)
bullet 1981:  Golan Heights Law (12/14)
bullet 1982-90:  Assorted UN Documents Regarding the Issue of Palestine
bullet 1983:  The Kahan Commission Report into the Sabra and Shatilla Massacres
bullet 1988:  The Hamas Charter
bullet 1988:  Palestinian Declaration of Independence (11/15)
bullet 1989:  Israeli Peace Initiative - Prime Minister Shamir and Defense Minister Rabin (5/14)
bullet 1989:  Madrid Declaration (6/27)
bullet 1991-present:  Assorted UN Documents Regarding the Issue of Palestine
bullet 1993:  Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements (9/13)
bullet 1993:  Israel-PLO Recognition - exchange of letters between Rabin and Arafat (9/9)
bullet 1993-95:  Oslo Peace Process Assorted Documents
bullet 1994:  Agreement on the Gaza Strip and the Jericho Area (5/4)
bullet 1994:  Treaty Of Peace Between The State Of Israel and The Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan (10/26)
bullet 1995:  Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (9/28)
bullet 1995:  Last remarks of Prime Minister Rabin before he was assassinated (11/4)
bullet 1995:  Oslo Interim Agreement (9/28)
bullet 1995:  Water Disputes in the Jordan Basin Region and their Role in the Resolution of the Arab-Israeli Conflict - Stephan Libiszewski
bullet 1996:  "Grapes of Wrath" understanding regarding Lebanon
bullet 1998:  The Charter of Allah: The Platform of the Islamic Resistance movement (Hamas) - 4/5
bullet 1998:  Complete Address by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu at the Wye Memorandum Signing (10/23)
bullet 1998:  Complete Address by Jordanian King Hussein at the Wye Memorandum Signing (10/23)
bullet 1998:  Complete Address by Palestinian Leader Yasir Arafat at the Wye Memorandum Signing (10/23)
bullet 1998:  President Clinton's Remarks at the Wye Memorandum Signing (10/23)
bullet 1998:  Statement of Hamas for the Negotiations with the Palestinian Authorities
bullet 1998:  Wye Memorandum (10/23)
bullet 2000:  UN Security Council Resolution 1322 (10/7)
bullet 2001:  Address by Hanan Ashrawi to The World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Related Intolerances - Durban, South Africa (9/28)
bullet 2001:  Current Ongoing Peace Talks (12/2-21)
bullet 2001:  Israeli-Palestinian Joint Statement (1/27)
bullet 2001:  The Jordanian-Egyptian Peace Proposal
bullet 2001:  Sharm el-Sheikh Fact-finding Committee (Mitchell) Report (4/30)
bullet 2001:  Tenet Ceasefire Plan (6/14)
bullet 2001:  U. S. Catholic Bishops Resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian Crisis
bullet 2001-2:  Anti-Israel Political Cartoons
bullet 2001-2:  Anti-Palestinian Political Cartoons
bullet 2001-2:  Political cartoons on "Arafat and More Mideast Violence" from top American cartoonists
bullet 2002:  Major documents on the Occupied Palestinian Territory
bullet 2002:  Announcement of the Quartet - July 16  
bullet 2002:  Arab League Documents - a large compendium
bullet 2002:  Arafat's Statement to Beirut Summit (3/27)
bullet 2002:  Ariel Sharon's Declaration of War (3/31)
bullet 2002:  Beirut Declaration (3/28)
bullet 2002:  Jerusalem: Foreign Relations Authorization Act
bullet 2002:  Message of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon AIPAC Policy Conference (4/23)
bullet 2002:  Quartet Road Map Statement - Sept. 17
bullet 2002:  President Bush's Draft Road Map for a Palestinian- Israeli Settlement
bullet 2002:  Saudi Peace Initiative (March)
bullet 2002:  Security Council Resolution 1402
bullet 2002:  Secretary of State Colin Powell's speech in Jerusalem (4/18)
bullet 2002:  U. S. Security Resolution 1397 (3/12)
bullet 2003:  Draft Palestinian Constitution
bullet 2003:  Draft Final Status Agreement (Geneva Accord (Beilin-Abd Rabbo Document)
bullet 2003:  Israeli Reservations on the Middle East Peace Roadmap
bullet 2003:  Inaugural Speech of Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas
bullet 2003:  UN GA Resolution Condemning the Israeli Security Barrier ("Wall")
bullet 2003:  U. N. Resolution 1515 (11/19)
bullet 2003:  Updated Middle East Peace Roadmap
bullet 2004:  Ariel Sharon's Disengagement Plan (4/14) 
bullet 2004:  U. N. Security Resolution 1559 (9/2) 
bullet 2005:  Sasson Report about Illegal Outposts

bullet ABC News - Mayhem in the Middle East
bullet The Arab-Israeli Conflict:  Basic Facts - from the Israel Science and Technology Homepage
bullet The Arab-Israeli Conflict (The International Policy Institute for Counter Terrorism)
bullet The Arab-Israeli Conflict in Maps - From Ottoman Rule to the Present
bullet The Arab-Israeli Conflict - Time Magazine Europe
bullet Arab-Israeli Wars and Conflicts - overview chart
bullet BBC News International - The Middle East
bullet Bibliography on the Arab-Israeli Conflict (Harvard University)
bullet Bibliography of the Israel-Palestine Conflict
bullet Brief History of Israel & Palestine
bullet CBS News -- Middle East Crisis
bullet Complete Coverage of the Wye Memorandum Agreement - The New York Times (1998)
bullet Documents Relating to the Arab-Israeli Conflict - extensive list
bullet Eight Steps to Israeli Palestinian Peace - Mubarak Awad and Abdul Aziz Said
bullet Gender and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:  The Politics of Women's Resistance - Simona Sharoni
bullet The Foundation for Mid-East Peace
bullet Historical and Peace Process Documents
bullet The History of the Modern Middle East:  1917-1999 (History Central)
bullet International Terrorism Groups
bullet IPCRI:  Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information
bullet The Iraq pro-Axis Coup of 1941
bullet "Israel and the Palestinians" (BBC)     key maps
bullet Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group
bullet League of Arab States
bullet MAPS of the Countries of the Middle East
bullet MAPS of the Palestine-Israeli Conflict (Arab Gateway)
bullet "MidEast:  Centuries of Conflict" (CNN In-Depth)
bullet "MidEast Crisis" (BBC)
bullet Middle East Explainer (ABC News)
bullet Middle East Peace Process Documents - United Nations
bullet Middle East Report - magazine/journal
bullet MidEast Web:  GateWay
bullet MSNBC - International News - The Middle East
bullet Myths & Facts Online:  A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict - Jewish Virtual Library
bullet Online NewsHour (PBS) - Middle East:  Background Reports (1995-2001)
bullet The New Times Archive of Articles on the Arab-Israeli Conflict
bullet "Palestinian Borders and Jewish Settlements" - CNN In-Depth Report
bullet Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process - Background Articles and Documents
bullet Palestine, Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict:  A Primer - The Middle East Research and Information Project
bullet Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics, and Culture
bullet The Peace Encyclopedia
bullet Programs Addressing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
bullet Regions in Conflict (MSNBC interactive)
bullet The Saudi Peace Plan
bullet "Season of Revenge" (Time Magazine)
bullet Shifting Frontiers of the Middle East - maps from 1920-2001
bullet "A Struggle for MidEast Peace (CBS News - interactive report)
bullet "Suez, 1956" - essay by Chris Leininger
bullet Terrorism & Islam
bullet Timeline of the Mideast Struggle (CNN)        new timeline (4/1/02)
bullet Timeline of the Palestinian Israeli History and the Israel-Palestine Conflict
bullet United Nations Information System on the Question of Palestine (UNISPAL)
bullet US Dept. of State - Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs
bullet War and Peace in the Middle East (Washington Post)
bullet World Conflict Quarterly


   Some of these sites below reflect the Israeli point of view and take a more radical position on the conflict!
bullet Amnesty International - Articles on Israel/Occupied Territories
bullet "Arab Anti-Semitism And the Arab-Israeli Conflict" - Abraham H. Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League
bullet Bat Shalom - a feminist peace organization of Israeli women
bullet The Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies
bullet Centenary of Zionism:  Timeline of Zionist Events (1870-today)
bullet Coming to Terms with Deir Yassin
bullet Consulate General of Israel in New York
bullet Ha’Aretz Daily

HaTikvah ("The Hope") - the words to the Israeli National Anthem


A History of Zionism and the Creation of Israel


The History and Meaning of "Palestine" and "Palestinians"

bullet Internet Ancient History Sourcebook:  Israel
bullet Internet Jewish History Sourcebook
bullet "Israel:  A Country Study" - US Library of Congress
bullet Israel - Background Notes (U. S. State Dept.)
bullet Israel (Encyclopedia of the Orient)
bullet "Israel at Fifty" - BBC News Online (7/12/2000)
bullet Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
bullet Israeli Counter-Terrorist Activity
bullet Israeli National Photo Collection
bullet Israeli Settlements: The Sky’s the Limit
bullet The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition       educational supplement
bullet The Jewish Agency for Israel
bullet The Jewish History Resource Center - Hebrew University of Jerusalem
bullet Jewish Periodicals on the Internet
bullet Jewish Virtual Library
bullet Jewish World Review
bullet Kach and Kahane Chai
bullet Kibbutzim
bullet The Knesset:  The Israeli Parliament
bullet Lexicon of Zionism
bullet Machal - Volunteers in Israel's War of Independence
bullet MAP-->"Israel Today"
bullet MAP--> "Israeli Settlements on the West Bank, Dec., 1993"
bullet MAPS-->assorted maps of Israel
bullet Masada
bullet Official Web Site of the State of Israel
bullet The Other Israel
bullet "Passover Massacre" (Israeli Information Service)
bullet Peace for Palestine - Two States, Not Three...
bullet Permanent Mission of Israel to the UN
bullet Prime Minister Sharon's Office (Main Page)
bullet Posters on Zionism
bullet Sharon and debate on the 1982 Massacre, by The Washington Post
bullet US Embassy in Israel
bullet US-Israel Relations - Jewish Virtual Library
bullet "Whose Land? - 'Facts' Versus 'Myths' in the Arab-Israeli Conflict" - The Israel Report (9-10/99)
bullet Yad Vashem The Holocaust Martyrs'and Heroes' Remembrance
bullet Yahoodi's Famous Jews Interactive
bullet Yitzhak Rabin Center for Israel Studies
bullet "Zionism" - Jewish Virtual Library
bullet Zionism - Historical Sources, Documents, and Texts

     Some of these sites below reflect the Palestinian point of view and take a more radical position on the conflict!
bullet Amnesty International - Articles on the Areas under the Jurisdiction of the Palestine Authority
bullet "The Arabs' View of the Holocaust is indeed troubled"  Anwar Chemseddine
bullet Birzeit University Web Site in Birzeit, Palestine
bullet Black September and the Back September Terror Movement
bullet Brief History of Palestine - Timeline
bullet Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding - assorted article and speeches
bullet The Country of Palestine
bullet Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP)
bullet The Edward Said Archive
bullet The Electronic Intifadah
bullet Fafo Reports from the Middle East
bullet Fatah Tanzim
bullet Force 17
bullet Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement)
bullet Historical Chronology of Palestinian History: 1400-present
bullet The Holocaust, seen from the Arab World, by Rami Khouri
bullet Islamic Association for Palestine
bullet "The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:  Four Turning Points"
bullet Life in the Sabra and Chatila Palestinian Refugee Camps, as told by children
bullet MAP-->"Gaza"
bullet MAP-->"West Bank and Gaza Governorates According to Palestinian Administration, 1995"
bullet Mid-East History and Resource (Mid-East Web)
bullet Monitoring Israeli Colonizing Activities in the Palestinian West Bank & Gaza - Case Studies [funded by the European Union]
bullet Office of the President:  Yasser Arafat's Official Home Page
bullet The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict - published by Jews for Justice in the Middle East (complete text)
bullet Palestine (Encyclopedia of the Orient)
bullet Palestine (Arab Gateway) - a large amount of very useful links
bullet The Palestinian Anthem - lyrics and sound file
bullet Palestinian Biography
bullet The Palestine Chronicle
bullet Palestine Daily
bullet Palestine Facts & Info
bullet Palestine History - ArabNet
bullet Palestine Ministry of Information Homepage
bullet Palestine Mission: Work and Documents - United Nations
bullet The Palestine Monitor:  The Voice of Civil Society
bullet Palestine Red Crescent Society
bullet Palestine Report Online
bullet Palestinian Statehood Timeline
bullet Palestine Times Monthly
bullet Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
bullet Palestinian Information Center (associated with Hamas)
bullet Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ)
bullet Palestinian News Agency - WAFA
bullet Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the UN
bullet A Personal Diary of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
bullet Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command
bullet Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)
bullet The Tragedy of Palestine -- the Jordanian government's website
bullet Yasser Arafat's Biography

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