Primary Source Documents
bullet Absolute Monarchy & Enlightened Despotism
bullet The Age of the Baroque
bullet Eighteenth Resources on the Net
bullet map - "Europe After the Peace of Utrecht"
bullet map - "Europe in the 17th Century"
bullet map - "Europe During the Age of Absolutism"
bullet The Path to Royal Absolutism - The Renaissance and Early 17th Century
bullet The Theory of Absolutism


bullet The Bourbons - A Genealogical Chart (France)
bullet Chateau de Versailles
bullet Creating French Culture - Treasures from the Bibliothèque Nationale de France
bullet Louis XII and Louis XIV Furniture
bullet "Louis XIV" - lecture by Prof. Gerhard Rempel (Western New England College)
bullet Louis XIV (1638-1715)
bullet Louis XIV - a detailed site
bullet Louis XIV and Absolutism was Positive for France
bullet map - "France Under Louis XIV"
bullet map - "The Wars of Louis XIV, 1667-1697"
bullet Quotes from Age of Louis XIV
bullet The War of the Fronde: 1649-1652


bullet Catherine the Great
bullet "Catherine & Pugachev" - lecture by Prof. Gerhard Rempel (Western New England College)
bullet A Chronology of Russian History -  The Imperial Period (1689-1917)
bullet Did You Know? - Peter the Great Taxed People for Growing Beards
bullet Early Russian Tsars: 1462-1725 - Genealogical Chart
bullet "Geography of Russia" - lecture by Prof. Gerhard Rempel (Western New Endlgnd College)
bullet map - "Growth of Russia in Europe to 1796"
bullet map - "Russia Under Peter the Great"
bullet The Face of Russia (PBS Series)
bullet The Great Catherine (of Russia) Palace
bullet The History of St. Petersburg
bullet The House of Romanov - Geneological Chart
bullet "The Personality of Peter the Great" - lecture by Prof. Gerhard Rempel (Western New England College)
bullet "Peter & History" - lecture by Prof. Gerhard Rempel (Western New England College)
bullet "Peter the Great's Russia" - lecture by Prof. Gerhard Rempel (Western New England College)
bullet The Romanov Dynasty - Genealogical Chart (Russia)
bullet The Romanovs
bullet St. Petersburg:  The City


bullet The History of the Habsburg Dynasty
bullet The Hohenzollerns:  Genealogical Chart (Brandenburg/Prussia)
bullet The Imperial House of Hapsburg
bullet map - "The Expansion of Prussia"
bullet map - "The Expansion of Russia Under Peter the Great"
bullet map - "The Partition of Poland"
bullet map - "The Partitions of Poland, 1772–1795"
bullet map - "The Rise of Prussia"
bullet "The Prussian Tradition" - lecture by Prof. Gerhard Rempel )Western new England College)
bullet "The Rise of Prussia" - lecture by Prof. Gerhard Rempel (Western New England College)
bullet Rivals to Rome - The Ottoman Sultans


bullet British Civil Wars, Commonwealth and Protectorate-  1638-1660
bullet The Causes of the English Civil War
bullet Charles I of England
bullet Charles II of England
bullet English Civil War (Boise State University site)
bullet The English Civil War
bullet The English Civil War (BBC)
bullet The Glorious Revolution of 1688
bullet The Hanoverians - Genealogy Chart (.pdf)
bullet Instead of a Constitution - an explanation of Britain's political system
bullet The Jacobite Heritage
bullet James I of England
bullet James II of England
bullet map - "The English Civil War"
bullet map (animated) - "The English Civil War"
bullet "Oliver Cromwell - Constitutional Crisis in England" (lecture by Prof. Gerhard Rempel, Western New England College)
bullet Oliver Cromwell's Internet Portal
bullet The Oliver Cromwell Song - by Monty Python
bullet The Stuarts of England
bullet Stuarts Genealogical Chart (England)
bullet Thomas Hobbes
bullet The Tudors & Stuarts - Genealogy Chart (.pdf)
bullet William II & Mary II


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bullet Documents on the English Civil War
bullet 1558-1755:  Laws in Ireland for the Suppression of Popery, commonly known as the Penal Laws
bullet 1598:  True Law of Free Monarchies - King James I of England
bullet 17c:  "Cardinal Richelieu" & "Triple Portrait of Richelieu" - paintings by Phillipe de Champagne
bullet 17c:  The Court of Louis XIV - Duc de Sainty-Simon
bullet 17c:  Social Conditions in 17c France
bullet 1609:  Extract from a speech to Parliament on the Divine Right of Kings (3/21) - James I of England - page 4 (.pdf file)
bullet 1624:  Political Testament - Cardinal Richelieu
bullet 1626:  Edict Ordering the Demolition of the Feudal Castles in France
bullet 1628:  The Petition of Rights (England)
bullet 1640:  A Bust of Cardinal Richelieu - Gianlorenzo Bernini
bullet 1640s:  "The Diggers Song" - lyrics and downloadable sound file
bullet 1640s:  "England's Woes" - lyrics of a ballad from the English Civil War
bullet 1642:  England's Oaths of Supremacy and Allegiance
bullet 1642:  The Execution of Charles I
bullet 1642:  Letters From a Parliamentarian Soldier (English Civil War)
bullet 1648:  A Leveller Petition
bullet 1649:  Extracts From His Own Defense at His Trial for Treason - King Charles I of England (.pdf file)
bullet 1649:  Statement of the Levellers
bullet 1649:  Womens' Petition (London)
bullet 1651:  Thomas Hobbes: Leviathan, Chaps 13-14
bullet 1658:  "The Death of Oliver Cromwell" - in the newspaper, The Gazette (Sept. 2-9)
bullet 1660:  The Restoration of Charles II to the Throne of England
bullet 1664:  Memorandum on Trade - Jean-Baptiste Colbert
bullet 1669:  Toleration Act
bullet 1671:  Madame Savigne's Portrait of Louis XIV and His Court
bullet 1672:  Declaration of Indulgence
bullet 1679:  Habeas Corpus Act
bullet 1679:  "Politics Drawn from the Very Words of Holy Scripture" - Bishop Jacques-Benigne Bousset
bullet 1682-1729:  Peter the Great and the Rise of Russia - several assorted documents
bullet 1683:  The Sultan's Declaration of War Against Leopold I
bullet 1688:  Parliament Invites William of Orange to England
bullet 1688:  Petition for a Free Parliament (11/17)
bullet 1689:  The English Bill of Rights
bullet 1689:  Toleration Act of William and Mary
bullet 1697:  "On Social Order and Absolute Monarchy" - Jean Domat
bullet 1700:  Proclamation on the Introduction of the New Calendar - Peter the Great
bullet 1701:  Act of Settlement
bullet 1701:  "Portrait of Louis XIV" - painting by Hyacinth Rigaud
bullet 1707:  The Act of Union
bullet 1722:  Peter the Great's "Table of Ranks"
bullet 1746:  Portrait of Louis XIV - Saint-Simon
bullet 1756:  Voltaire - Internal Government
bullet 1763:  Manifesto of Catherine the Great 
bullet 1767:  Proposals for a New Law Code - Catherine the Great
bullet late 18c:  Documents on the Reign of Catherine the Great of Russia

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