Primary Source Documents
bullet Blaise Pascal
bullet The Copernican System
bullet Galileo Galilei (biography)
bullet The Galileo Project
bullet Galileo's Villa
bullet Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz (biography)
bullet Isaac Newton (biography)
bullet Jesuits and the Sciences:  1620-1659    1660-1719  
bullet Johannes Kepler (biography)
bullet John Harrison and the Longitude Problem
bullet Kepler's "Laws of Planetary Motion" (animation)
bullet Map - "Science and the Enlightenment"
bullet Margaret Lucas Cavendish
bullet Mathematicians of the 17c and 18c
bullet NM's Creative Impulse:  The Development of Western Civilization - The Scientific Revolution (mucho links)
bullet A Revolution in Timekeeping:  A Walk Through Time
bullet "Revolutionizing Science" - essay by historian Peter Dear
bullet Robert Boyle
bullet Robert Hooke
bullet The Royal Society
bullet The Scientific Revolution:  Readings-Resources-Research (Prof. Robert A. Hatch - Univ. of FL)
bullet The Scientific Revolution:  1550-1700 (SparkNotes)
bullet The Scientific Revolution (Prof. Skip Knox, Boise State University) - many links
bullet "The Scientific Revolution" - lecture by Prof. Gerhard Rempel (Western New England College)
bullet The Scientific Revolution Timeline
bullet "There Was No Such Thing as the Scientific Revolution" - essay by historian Steven Shapin
bullet Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning
bullet Tycho Brahe



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bullet 120-140:  A Geocentric Explanation- The Earth Must Be Stationary Existence
bullet 1543:  Dedication to The Revolutions of the Heavenly Bodies - Nicolaus Copernicus
bullet 1570s:  Tycho Brahe's System (picture)
bullet 1600:  Galileo's Paintings of the Moon
bullet 1610:  The Starry Messenger - Galileo Galilei
bullet 1615:  Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina of Tuscany - Galileo Galilei
bullet 1628:  On the Motion of Heart and Blood on Animals - William Harvey
bullet 1633:  The Crime of Galileo:  Indictment and Abjuration of 1633
bullet 1637:  Discourse on Method - Ren Descartes
bullet 1667:  Robert Hooke's Micrographia - picture
bullet 1670:  Blaise Pascal's Famous Wager on God's Existence
bullet 1676:  Leeuwenhoek's Observations 
bullet 1713:  "The Astronomer" - painting by Johannes Vermeer

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