bullet The Ancient World Web
bullet Anthropology Collection Database - search engine (CA Academy of Sciences)
bullet The Archaeology Channel
bullet ArchNet - Archaeological Research Institute
bullet ArchNet- Educational Resources for Anthropology and Archaeology
bullet Art Images for College Teaching - a large number of art images
bullet BigChalk Homework Central - World History Main Page
bullet The British Empire
bullet The British Empire and Commonwealth Museum
bullet CountryWatch
bullet Current Value of Old Money
bullet Distinguished Women of the Past and Present - Alphabetical Index
bullet The Encyclopedia of World History (Bartleby's) - 6th edition
bullet Flags of All Countries
bullet Footnotes to History- Forgotten Nations
bullet Global History & Geography I - my old course
bullet History of Each Country
bullet History Timelines
bullet Holidays Around the World
bullet HyperHistory- 3,000 Year Timeline

International Affairs Resources (World Wide Web Virtual Library)

bullet The Kings List - a detailed listing of rulers throughout the world (The History Files)
bullet Modern World History Timeline: 20c (BBC)
bullet Museum of Ancient Inventions
bullet Myths and Legends
bullet NMs Creative Impulse - Pre-History Links - mega site
bullet Over 4600 Images of Art and Architecture
bullet Poetism
bullet Regnal Chronologies
bullet September 11—Journalists’ Resources.
bullet Terrorism Resources
bullet Timelines of the World
bullet Timelines on the Internet - an unusual number of timeline topics
bullet Timelines.Info
bullet Top Biographies
bullet United States Agency for Economic Development
bullet United States Department of State
bullet United States Department of State Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs
bullet - Public Affairs Section, Embassy of the United States in Brussels - brochures and publications on US policy positions on other parts of the world

bullet Western Civilization Chronology
bullet World Chronologies
bullet World History by Frank Smitha
bullet World History Resource Center
bullet World History Timelines between 1000 CE and 2000 CE
bullet World Statesmen

   Pre-History/Neolithic Age:
bullet The Agricultural Revolution
bullet Beginnings of Civilization - timeline
bullet Culture Hearths and Civilizations
bullet The Evolution of Humans
bullet The Geological Time Scale
bullet The Great Transition:  The Emergence of Agriculture and City Life
bullet Human Evolution - The Fossil Evidence in 3-D
bullet Hunting and Gathering
bullet The Long Foreground:  Human Prehistory
bullet The Making of Urban Civilization
bullet The Neolithic Society with its Megalithic Culture
bullet Paleolithic Art Page
bullet Paleolithic Exploration and Exploitation
bullet Paleolithic Life and Culture
bullet The Paleolithic Painted Cave of Lascaux
bullet Paleolithic Thought and Mythmaking
bullet Prehistoric Megalithic Temples of Malta
bullet Prehistoric Times - links to many different sites
bullet Stone Age Habitats
bullet The Story of Farming
bullet What is Culture?
bullet Women in Prehistory
   Cross-Cultural Themes:
bullet The Age of Imperialism
bullet Ancient Roots, Modern States (ORIAS Summer Institute 2000)
bullet Ancient Routes
bullet Ancient
bullet Ancient Ships
bullet Ancient Trade Routes - Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
bullet Anti-Slavery  - Today's Fight for Tomorrow's Freedom
bullet Asian Religions and Cultures
bullet The Big Myth

The Black Sea Trade Project

bullet Calendars through the Ages
bullet Chronological Timetable of Book History
bullet Cities of the World
bullet Classics & Mediterranean Archaeology Index
bullet Coins from Famous People in History
bullet Comparative Chronology of Money
bullet Comparative Mythologies (ORIAS)
bullet Consequences of the Agricultural Revolution:  Reading and "Food" for Thought
bullet Diasporas
bullet Diasporas (Border Crossings)
bullet Diotima - Women and Gender in the Ancient World
bullet The Discoverers' Web
bullet Divinities of the Primitives:  Preliterate Societies
bullet Empires and Civilizations - timeline
bullet The Encyclopedia Mythica
bullet The Engines of Our Ingenuity
bullet The European Voyages of Exploration: 15c & 16c - tutorial created by the Applied History Research Group - The University of Calgary
bullet Exploring the River Civilizations of China, Middle East and South Asia
bullet Food and Foodways
bullet Food Museum
bullet The Food Timeline
bullet The Genocide Studies Program - Yale University
bullet Global History of Currencies
bullet Global Issues that Affect Everyone
bullet Gods, Goddesses, & Supernatural Beings From Around the World
bullet "Government Repression & Democide" - graduate course (R. J. Rummel - Univ. of Hawaii) - documents and essays
bullet "Guns, Germs, and Steel" - Newshour Interview with author Jared Diamond
bullet Historic Cities
bullet History of Accounting - Ancient to Medieval Times
bullet The History of Eating Utensils
bullet History of Paper
bullet History of Writing & Scripts
bullet History Through Literature - Hero's Journey Web Project (ORIAS Workshop)
bullet The Hunger Site
bullet iAbolish - The Anti-Slavery Portal
bullet Images of Early Maps on the Web
bullet Images of Women in Ancient Art - Issues of Interpretation and Identity
bullet Institute for the Study of International Migration
bullet International Museum of Surgical Science
bullet Internet Resources on Genocide and Mass Killings
bullet Iraq and China: Ceramics, Trade, and Innovation
bullet Islam in a Comparative Context
bullet Largest Cities Through History
bullet Mapping the Story of Early Trade (ORIAS)
bullet Mysterious Places:  Ancient Civilizations, Modern Mysteries
bullet Myths of the Creation of the World - from all over the world
bullet The Nationalism Project
bullet Nations of the World - E-conflict
bullet - Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World
bullet "Old World Contacts" - tutorial created by the Applied History Research Group - The University of Calgary, Canada
bullet Old World Traditional Trade Routes Project
bullet The Origins and Ancient History of Wine
bullet Paper, Leather, Clay and Stone - the Written Word Materialized (Cornell Univ.)
bullet Peopling North America: Population Movements & Migration
bullet "Plagues and Peoples: the Columbian Exchange" by Dr. Ian Carr, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Medicine
bullet The Rainforest Action Network
bullet Religions, Faith Groups, and Ethical Systems, etc. (
bullet Religions & Scriptures
bullet The Role of Food in World History
bullet Role of Women in the Third World
bullet "The Sacred Geometry of Perfect Forms in East and West:  Understanding Religious Buildings - Different Perceptions – Identical forms:  A Conceptual and Visual Comparison of Religious Architecture - East and West" by Richard Cooler, Art History, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL
bullet Sacred Scripts: World Religions in Manuscript & Print
bullet Sacred Sites of the World
bullet Sailing the Ocean Without Map or Compass - Traditional Navigation in the Western Pacific
bullet "Secrets of Lost Empires" - NOVA
bullet Seeds of Change Garden - Smithsonian Institute
bullet The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
bullet Show Us Your Shoes - shoes from around the world
bullet Slave Movements During the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
bullet Some New Sources on Old Diseases and their Ecological Consequences for Human Populations
bullet "Spices, or the Dawn of the Modern Age" from Tastes of Paradise: A Social History of Spices, Stimulants, and Intoxicants by Wolfgang Schivelbusch
bullet "A Spicy History" by Mike Reilly
bullet A Taste of the Ancient World - Food in the Ancient World
bullet Teaching Comparative Religions Through Art and Architecture (ORIAS)
bullet TerrorismCentral
bullet Terrorist Group Profiles: 2001 Terrorist Groups - U. S. Naval PostGraduate School
bullet Theories of Imperialism
bullet Timeline of Art History (Thematic Index) - Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC)
bullet Top 10 Cities of the Year 100
bullet Travelers:  Cultural Interaction in the Medieval World (ORIAS Workshop material)
bullet UNESCO Transatlantic Slave Trade
bullet The United Nations & Decolonization

Virtual Religion Index


War on Terrorism

bullet Wars of the World
bullet The World of God-Kings
bullet "World System History" by Andre Gunder Frank, University of Amsterdam

    General History References/Indexes:

Global Gateway:  World Culture and Recources (Library of Congress)

bullet The History Guide (1)
bullet History Guide (2) - a search engine by time period/region/topic
bullet History On-Line
bullet Links for Students of History and the Social Sciences
bullet World History Archives
bullet World History Compass

bullet The Concept of Globalization
bullet "Economic Globalization and Culture" - A Discussion with Dr. Francis Fukuyama
bullet The Global Beat: Resource for the Global Journalist
bullet Globalization - documents
bullet Globalization and Human Rights (PBS)
bullet The Globalization Website (Emory University)
bullet New Global History (MIT)
bullet Yale Global Online

International Organizations:
bullet Amnesty International
bullet Anti-Slavery International
bullet Bread for the World
bullet Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs
bullet Child Rights Information Network
bullet The Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking
bullet Cold War International History Project
bullet CorpWatch (CorpWatch)
bullet Council for a Livable World
bullet Country Watch
bullet Democracy Net
bullet European Union links
bullet The F. W. de Klerk Foundation
bullet Grassroots - Students for a Better Environment
bullet Human Rights Organizations
bullet Human Rights Watch
bullet The Institute of International Finance
bullet International Court of Justice
bullet International Labour Organization
bullet One World Online
bullet Organization of World Heritage Cities
bullet Oxfam International
bullet The Rainforest Alliance
bullet The United Nations
bullet The World Bank Group
bullet World Economic Forum
bullet World Monuments Watch
bullet World Trade Organization

bullet Archaeology Magazine
bullet International Newspaper Links
bullet World Press Review

    Maps/General Geography:

Atlas of World History (free software that creates world history maps)

bullet Blank Outline Maps of the Countries and Continents of the World
bullet Cartographic Images Home Page - slides of ancient, medieval, and early modern original maps
bullet CNN Cold War- Interactive Maps
bullet Geography Glossary
bullet Geography Network
bullet Historical Atlas of the 20c
bullet Historical Maps of the World - The Perry-Castaňeda Library Map Collection
bullet InfoPlease Atlas - detailed maps of the countries of the world
bullet Map Projection Basics - A Tutorial
bullet Maptex Index - many world history maps by topic/time period
bullet Mercator's World HomePage (a magazine devoted to cartography)
bullet National Geographic Map Machine
bullet ReliefWeb Map Centre
bullet Topography of the World - elevation map (clickable to enlarge a section of the globe) - NOAA
bullet United Nations Cartographic Website
bullet US Geological Survey
bullet World Atlas - Maps and Geography of the World

World Geography - Games, Puzzles, Quizzes, and Trivia

bullet Xpeditions Atlas- World Maps

    News Sources:
bullet European Internet Network - current news on individual countries
bullet News and Newspapers Online
bullet Newslink - links to newspapers, radio and TV sites throughout the U. S. and the world
bullet World Press Review

    Political Sources:
bullet Constitution Finder
bullet Constitutions of Many Nations
bullet Current World Leaders
bullet Elections Around the World
bullet Foreign Embassies in the United States - addresses, phone/fax numbers, and email addresses
bullet World Political Leaders:  1945-2002
bullet World Rulers

bullet Background Notes - U. S. Department of State
bullet Calendars through the Ages
bullet Energy Information Administration (Washington, DC) - Energy Analysis of Individual Countries
bullet Overview of Regions and Countries (The World Bank Group)
bullet Population Reference Bureau - Population Trends and Facts
bullet Top 100 Languages by Population
bullet World Bank Country Profiles
bullet World Fact Book
bullet World Population Growth:  1088 - huge .pdf file of statistics and analysis
bullet World Resources Institute - Global Trends
bullet World Statistics



bullet 1948:  United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
bullet last half of 20c:  A large compendium of UN human rights documents
bullet last half of 20c:  A large compendium of US State Department human rights documents
bullet 1900-2025:  Major World Religions, 1900-2025 - chart
bullet 1950-2050:  Total Midyear Population for the World Chart
bullet 1950-2050:  World Population Chart
bullet 1950-2050:  World Population Growth Rate Chart
bullet 1950-2050:  Annual World Population Change Chart
bullet 1976:  International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (UN Secretariat Centre for Human Rights)
bullet 1976:  International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (UN Secretariat Centre for Human Rights)
bullet 2000:  Global Trends 2015: A Dialogue About the Future With Nongovernmental Experts, NIC 2000-02, December 2000 - CIA Report


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