Tuesday, 9/7 through Tuesday, 9/21

  Lesson #1:  "Welcome & Introduction to the Course"
  • HW --> Fill in the "Multiple Intelligences" questionnaire and sheet.  Also, get all of your supplies and bring in your "working" notebook to class.
  Lesson #2:  "What Are My Learning Styles?"
  • HW --> Do "The World in Your Home" worksheet
  Lesson #3:  "How Well Do You Know Your World? - Part I"
  • HW --> finish the 20-question worksheet
  Lesson #4:  "How Well Do You Know Your World? - Part II"
  • HW --> fill out the "Primary & Secondary Sources" worksheet
  Lesson #5:  "Tools of the Social Scientists"
  • HW --> become familiar with your assigned social scientist and bring in a clean penny, a nickel, a dime, and a quarter to class tomorrow.  Take a few minutes at home to really examine each coin.  If you have a small magnifying glass, bring that in to class as well.
  Lesson #6:  "Thinking Like a Social Scientist"
  • HW --> read pp. 12-16 in your textbook.  Answer ques. 2 and 3 on pg. 16 and ques. 15-17 on pg. 22.
  Lesson #7:  "The Origins of Humans"
  • HW --> study for a 30-pt. test on what we have studied thus far:
         * Interpretation of charts / graphs / statistical information.
         * The differences between primary and secondary sources [be
            able to recognize an item as either one type or the other.
         * Know the definition of your social science and the areas of
           investigation that your social scientist is engaged in when
           analyzing a Social Studies problem.
  • HW --> read pp. 193-195 in your textbook and complete the Africa map assignment.





  T 9/7 1 L1 L1
  W 9/8 2 L2 L2
  Th 9/9 3 L3 L3
  F 9/10 4 X L4
  M 9/13 5 L4 L5
  T 9/14 6 L5 X
  W 9/15 1 L6 L6
  Th 9/16 Rosh Hashana -- NO SCHOOL!
  F 9/17
  M 9/20 2 L7 L7
  T 9/21 3 L8 L8