Eisenhower & the New Modern Republicanism (5)

Choose the correct word for each question.

This law authorized giving hundreds of millions in federal money to schools for science and foreign language education.
This regional organization, created in 1951, promoted the economic development of Latin America and cooperation between the U. S. and its Latin American neighbors.
The 1957 policy which provided for U. S. troops to be sent to a Middle Eastern country at the request of that country's government.
A military alliance between the Soviet Union and its Eastern European Communist satellites.
This policy, encouraged by John Foster Dulles, stated that if the Soviets took hostile action, the U. S. would demolish them with nuclear bombs. It was dropped in 1949 when the Soviet Union developed nuclear capabilities.
A small artificial Soviet satellite launched into space in 1957. This spread fear in the hearts of Americans who felt that the U. S. was lagging behind the USSR in science and technology.
The site of the signing of the armistice which ended the Korean War and created a demilitarized zone along the 38th. parallel dividing Korea into two separate nations.
The downing of a U. S. spy plane by the Soviet Union in 1960.
It created a common market of six European countries that would remove trade restrictions, taxes, and tariffs between member nations.
John Foster Dulles' belief that the U. S. had to show the Communists it was willing to use force and go to the edge of war in order to keep the peace in a nuclear age.
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