The Gilded Age (5)

Choose the correct word for each question.

A political scandal of the Grant era in which U. S. Congressmen were bribed not to investigate the illegal practices of a railroad construction company.
State and local laws that discriminated against African Americans by denying them access to "white-only" railroad cars, restaurants, and other public facilities.
These progressive Republicans did not like the dishonest policy of the conservative Republicans and, therefore, supported Democratic candidate, Grove Cleveland, for president in the 1884 election.
This law gave three civil service commissioners the power to conduct competitive exams for prospective government workers in an effort to replace incompetent bureaucrats.
This group of distillers bribed federal agents to avoid paying the Treasury Department millions of dollars in excise taxes.
The regular and conservative branches of the Republican party in the 1880s.
This Supreme Court case approved of the practice of segregating public facilities provided that they were separate but equal.
He was the Republican leader who managed President McKinley's 1896 campaign.
In a famous speech, he advocated free silver and part of the Omaha Platform.
This 1890 law was devised to cut surplus revenue and continue protection for American industries. The average duty rate of over 50% angered Latin Americans and Europeans.
This group demanded the circulation of paper money and other reforms.
The more liberal faction of the Republican Party in the 1880s.
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