Diplomacy in the Inter-War Years (5)

Choose the correct word for each question.
This note, delivered in 1932 by President Hoover's Secretary of State, censured the Japanese invasion of Manchuria and its threatening overtures to China.
In 1937 FDR suggested that democratic governments act together to apply pressure on nations that commit acts of aggression.
This program was first announced by FDR to promote friendly relations with Latin American nations.
In this 1941 law, Congress authorized the shipping of U. S. war supplies to Great Britain on credit. It was later extended to the Soviet Union after it was attacked by Germany.
He was FDR's Secretary of State who conducted a series of fruitless negotiations with the Japanese from 1939 to 1941.
The alleged mistaken bombing of an American gunboat on the Yangtze River in China by a Japanese plane in 1937.
This legislation gave up all U. S. claims to military bases in the Philippines.
This group was formed by isolationists who contended that America should concentrate her strength to defend her own shores and should not get involved in foreign ventures.
Attempts to conciliate an aggressor by making concessions to him.
These laws were enacted by Congress in the 1930s to prevent the U. S. from becoming involved in the growing conflicts in Europe and Asia.
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