The Roaring 20s Through Hoover (5)

Choose the correct word for each question.
A meeting of major powers that took place between 1921 and 1922 which resulted in an agreement to set limits on the size of each nation's navy.
This Harlem Renaissance poet and short story writer expressed the despair of blacks and demanded social justice.
This 1924 law attempted to facilitate German reparations payments. By loaning $200 million in gold bullion to Germany, the U. S. and its Allies hoped to stabilize the Germany economy.
This 1925 case involved a Tennessee law against the teach of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution in public schools.
This political scandal involved a cabinet member in President Harding's administration.
A steady downward trend in the prices of corporate stocks.
This implemented prohibition and defined an illegal beverage as any one over 1% alcohol by volume.
Young women of the 1920s who adopted an original style of dress and challenged traditional societal values.
This 1928 treaty, signed by 63 nations (including the U. S.), was an agreement never to use war as a means of international conflict resolution.
These slums were inhabited by homeless families during the Depression.
A steady upward trend in the prices of corporate stocks.
The name given to a group of American writers who gathered in Paris after World War I and who wrote about rebellious people, criticized society, and attacked materialism.
This 1927 movie was was the first "talkie" motion picture, ending the era of silent films.
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