America Since 1970 (5)

Choose the correct word for each question
Reversing the trend of the middle-class exodus from urban centers after World War II, yuppies in the 1980s and 1990s bought run-down buildings in poor neighborhoods at the expense of poorer and older residents who were frequently evicted to make way for this.
A constitutional amendment passed by Congress in 1972 which advocated the complete guarantee of equal rights for women. However, it was ratified by only 35 out of the needed 38 states.
Radio and TV evangelist Jerry Falwell founded this religious fundamentalist group that was intent on preserving and promoting conservative and religious values.
An organization that provided health services to members who make a fixed monthly payment.
Chemical waste leaked from a former waste disposal site which threatened the health of residents of this upstate New York area. Both the state and federal government provided financial aid to help families move.
Once known as the "Me Generation," by the 1980s most of them were more preoccupied with making money and materialism than with social reforms and protests.
They were authorized to raise and spend money in behalf of a political, social, or economic cause.
This right-wing activist led an organized effort to defeat the E. R. A.
It declared that a woman's right to privacy was violated by state laws against abortion.
The term used in the 1980s to describe investors who attempted hostile takeover bids of public companies through leveraged buy-outs.
The ethnic and racial minorities along with the economically disadvantaged who supported the Reverend Jesse Jackson in his presidential bids in 1984 and 1988.
This landmark U. S. Supreme Court decision in 1978 placed limits on affirmative action programs in universities.
The site of this Pennsylvania nuclear reactor went into meltdown when radioactive material leaked, creating many health hazards.
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