The American Revolution (2)

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1 One of the purposes for writing the Declaration of Independence was to?:
persuade the still undecided American populace to accept a permanent break with Great Britain.
convince potential foreign allies of American determination to gain independence.
protect captured American soldiers from possible treatment as traitors.
rally all the states behind a common cause.
convince the British government to accept American independence.

2 American Tories believed that?:
separation from Britain was an illegal act that would ignite an unnecessary war.
Parliament had the right to tax the colonies.
only independence could preserve the colonists' constitutional rights.
the king, not Parliament, was responsible for the problems facing the colonies.

3 The Battle of Saratoga resulted in?:
an embarrassing defeat for the Continental Army.
an unsuccessful peace overture from Lord North.
France entering the war on the side of the colonies.
renewed efforts of the Loyalists to enlist colonial support.
the treason of Benedict Arnold.

4 Spinning bees and dressing down in homespun?:
contributed to the solidarity of resistance by displaying fewer differences in appearance between rich and poor.
were ways in which poor women were forced to support the Army.
were tactics used by loyalists to demonstrate that independence would lower the American standard of living.
helped to raise money and provide clothing for the Continental Army.

5 George Washington's primary goal as commander-in-chief of the continental Army was to?:
prevent British reinforcements from coming ashore.
destroy the British Army.
avoid decisive military losses.
secure financial aid from foreign sources.

6 Some Indian nations joined the British during the Revolutionary War because?:
the British threatened them with destruction if they did not help.
they believed that a British victory would restrain American expansion into the West.
the British hired them as mercenaries.
none of these choices are correct.

7 Which of the following was NOT one of the provisions of the Peace of Paris (1783)?:
Florida was given to Spain.
Congress would not prevent the British merchants from collecting debts owed to them by Americans.
Congress would restore all property confiscated from Loyalists during the war.
the Mississippi River was recognized as the western boundary of the United States.

8 White residents in South Carolina and Georgia were more restrained in their revolutionary expressions than were counterparts in other colonies because they were?:
primarily rice planters, unaffected by British restrictions.
Anglican and loyal to the Church of England.
closely tied to families back in England.
fearful that talk of rebellion would inspire slaves to revolt.

9 The new state constitutions adopted during the American Revolution?:
eliminated all property qualifications for voting.
generally did not contain a bill of rights.
abolished the office of governor.
provided for unicameral legislatures.
generally protected the people's civil liberties with a bill of rights.

10 During the Revolution, women took on new responsibilities. After the war?:
things generally went back to the way they were before and few concrete reforms occurred in the status of women.
women were able to translate wartime gains into peacetime reforms.
women were recognized and honored for their contributions with new careers.
women got the right to vote in most northern colonies.