America & the British Empire (2)

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1 King Philip's War of 1675-1676 was fought to?:
remove Spanish Catholics from Florida.
end Spanish control over the African slave trade.
establish New England trade with the West Indies.
stop the French from settling the Ohio River Valley.
establish English control over the Indians in New England.

2 Great Britain sought to control colonial trade because?:
it did not want competition with its own manufacturers.
colonial products were inferior to British products.
the colonies were seeking political independence.
colonial products were too expensive.
the colonies were unable to establish trade with France and Spain.

3 Which of the following is properly considered the main purpose of the Navigation Acts?:
the promotion of trade among the colonies.
the protection of American manufacturing from foreign competition.
to guarantee that England alone would profit from trade with the colonies.
to raise revenue for maintaining the British Empire.
the regulation of the slave trade in the colonies.

4 The considerable powers that colonial governors possessed included all of the following EXCEPT?:
the right to veto acts.
the power to call or dismiss assembly sessions at will.
control over taxes and the budget.
the authority to schedule elections at any time.

5 The trial of John Peter Zenger in 1735 for seditious libel?:
established the government's right to censor the press.
resulted in a "hung jury" and a dismissal of the charges.
determined that government censorship of the press was unconstitutional.
encouraged editors to be more critical of public officials.
found Zenger guilty.

6 Which of the following nations was forced out of its colonial holdings in North America in the 17c?:
the Netherlands.

7 Prior to 1763, the British policy of "salutary neglect"?:
allowed royal colonies to elect their own governors.
did not enforce the Navigation Acts.
took the Royal Navy off the high seas.
encouraged colonists to establish their own parliament.
withdrew British soldiers from North America.

8 Which of the following best describes the power generally exercised by British colonial governors in the American colonies?:
they exercised more power than they were legally permitted because of royal support.
they exercised more power than they were legally permitted through the use of patronage.
they exercised less power than they were permitted because they were chosen by the colonial legislatures.
they exercised less power than they were permitted because they were popularly elected.
they exercised less power than they were permitted because of legislative control of taxing and spending.

9 The right to vote for members of the colonial assemblies was?:
greatly restricted because of high property qualifications.
open to women in most of the colonies.
extended to a greater proportion of the population than anywhere else in the world of the 18c.
restricted to Protestants.
none of these choices are correct.

10 Bacon's Rebellion was supported mainly by?:
young men frustrated by their inability to acquire land.
the planter class of Virginia.
those protesting the increased importation of African slaves.
people from Jamestown only.