The Clinton Administration  (1)

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1 What general theme did Bill Clinton stress most consistently in his 1992 presidential campaign?:
equal rights for all minorities.
an immediate freeze of military spending.
the economy.
health care reform.

2 Which of the following was NOT part of Ross Perot's appeal in the 1992 presidential election?:
his attacks on the federal bureaucracy.
his charges that the political system was corrupt.
his use of his own money for his campaign so that he could refuse to accept "special interest" contributions.
his handsome appearance and suave, sophisticated public demeanor.

3 The Clinton administration experiences problems in all of the following areas EXCEPT?:
gays in the military.
personal banking ventures.
high-level government appointments.
tax increases.

4 President Clinton's "New Democratic Coalition" was a?:
group of moderates who sought to shed the Democratic party's reputation for ultra-liberalism and wasteful spending.
spin-off of the Christian Coalition.
group dominated by feminists and environmentalists.
group of ultra-liberals who sought to return the Democratic party to the policies of Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal.

5 Which of the following is true of NAFTA?:
the U. S., Mexico, and Canada agreed to buy certain products exclusively from Latin America in an effort to ease the debt burden of their southern neighbors.
it ended the trade war between Japan and the nations of North America.
it attempted to create a tariff-free marketplace among Mexico, Canada, and the U. S.
a free trade zone was established between the nations of North America and the European Economic Community.

6 The "Contract With America" included all of the following EXCEPT?:
a balanced-budget amendment.
health care reform.
welfare reform.
increased defense spending.

7 Concerning homosexuals in the military, President Clinton?:
kept his campaign promise to end all discrimination.
said it was up to Congress, not the president, to formulate policy.
kept his campaign promise not to interfere with existing regulations.
adopted a don't ask, don't tell policy.

8 In the midterm elections of 1994?:
Republicans won both houses of Congress.
Democrats won a net gain of eleven governorships and fifteen state legislatures.
every Republican congressional incumbent was defeated.
Democrats won both houses of Congress.

9 President Clinton's health care reform bill failed because?:
it lacked a clear-cut objective.
it raised the specter of higher taxes and government interference.
it lacked popular support.
the health care industry did not really need reforming.

10 President Clinton's Middle East policy contributed to which of the following developments?:
Palestinian self-government in Gaza and Jericho and a declaration of peace between Israel and Jordan.
a return of all Israeli-held Arab lands back to Syria, Jordan, and Egypt.
a declaration of peace between Israel and Egypt.
Syria and Iran's recognition of the state of Israel.