Early Settlements (2)

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1 Seventeenth century English settlers of New England differed from those in Virginia by?:
living shorter lives because of the harsh climate.
importing large numbers of slaves.
settling on isolated farms.
living in tightly clustered communities.
having large families.

2 In the 17c, the Great Migration refers to the?:
settlement of the Puritans in Massachusetts Bay and other colonies.
trade in slaves between West Africa and the West Indies.
immigration of Irish to the colonies.
expansion of white settlement across the Appalachian Mountains.
settlement of French-speaking Acadians in Louisiana.

3 The New England colonies were more successful and stable than the Chesapeake Bay colonies for all of the following reasons EXCEPT?:
New England colonists tended to arrive in family units while the vast majority of Chesapeake Bay colonists were young single males who arrived as indentured servants.
the Chesapeake bay region had a much higher death rate among its colonists than did the New England region.
women were treated more as equals in the New England colonies than they were in the Chesapeake Bay region, making it more difficult to attract women to Chesapeake Bay.
the ratio of males to females in Chesapeake Bay was much more imbalanced than in New England, making it more difficult for males in Chesapeake Bay to find wives and start families.
the population increased faster in New England, allowing for the development of stable communities, than it did in the Chesapeake Bay region.

4 Which of the following colonies required each community of 50 or more families to provide a teacher of reading and writing?:
Rhode Island.

5 In founding the colony of Pennsylvania, William Penn's primary purpose was to?:
provide a refuge for persecuted English Quakers.
provide a refuge for persecuted Christians of all sects from all parts of Europe.
demonstrate the possibility and practicality of establishing truly friendly relations with the Indians.
make a financial profit.
provide a refuge for English debtors.

6 The Virginia House of Burgesses and the New England town meetings were similar in that they?:
originated in a New England colony.
were completely independent of colonial Governors.
were both responsible to the established church of the colony.
represented colonial participation in government.

7 A man's right to vote for governor and members of the General Court inn 17c Massachusetts was based on?:
land ownership.
length of residence in America.
church membership.

8 In the early 1600s, migrants to New England differed from those who went to the Chesapeake in that?:
New England settlement was sponsored by individual proprietors.
New Englanders immigrated in family groups.
in the harsher climate of New England, new arrivals often succumbed to disease and death.
New England immigrants tended to be motivated by a desire for wealth.

9 The headright system adopted in the Virginia colony?:
determined the eligibility of a settler for voting and holding office.
toughened the laws applying to indentured servants.
encouraged the development of urban centers.
prohibited the settlement of single men and women in the colony.
gave 50 acres of land to anyone who would transport someone [like an indentured servant] to the colony.

10 One of the reasons for Roger William's banishment from Massachusetts Bay was his belief that?:
the king of England had no right to give away land belonging to the Indians.
the church and the state should be linked.
the covenant of grace was a false doctrine.
good works were essential to salvation.