Early Settlements (3)

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1 Which of the following statements does NOT express the attitudes or beliefs of the founders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony?:
they had a special covenant relationship with God.
their colony should be a moral example to the entire world, especially to England.
migrating to America was the best way to reform England.
the Church of England had become so corrupt that all true Christians were obligated to separate from it.
God would reward their obedience with temporal blessings.

2 The Virginia Company attracted new settlers to its colony after 1609 by?:
offering them a share of the company's profits.
advertising the benefits of Virginia's healthy environment and comfortable living conditions.
promising free land at the end of seven years' labor for the company.
paying significantly higher wages than those prevailing throughout Europe.

3 During the first two decades of the 17c, all of the following aided in the establishment and growth of the colony at Jamestown, Virginia, EXCEPT?:
the establishment of the Virginia House of Burgesses.
the beginning of tobacco cultivation.
large influxes of supplies and colonists from England.
the establishment of the ownership of private property.
good relations with the local Native Americans.

4 The Mayflower Compact is significant in American political thought because?:
in it the people regard themselves as the source of political power.
it was copied for the Massachusetts Bay Charter.
in it the people agreed to be bound by the will of the majority.
in it church and state are separated.
in it were provisions guaranteeing civil rights for women and blacks.

5 Anne Hutchinson's teaching threatened to undermine the spiritual authority of the established clergy because she?:
claimed believers could communicate directly with God.
preached that the clergy was corrupt.
denounced clergymen who were also politicians.
stressed faith over good works.

6 The Maryland Toleration Act of 1649 provided for?:
freedom of conscience for those not accepting the Trinity.
the tolerance of most Christian churches.
an end to tax support for any church.
a complete separation of church and state.
the extension of the vote to Jews and non-Christians.

7 The Half-Way Covenant was adopted because?:
too few second- and third-generation Puritans were willing to testify publicly about their conversion experiences.
Puritans believed that Native Americans were not capable of becoming fully Christian.
Puritans wanted to justify enslavement of converted Indians and Africans.
Puritans wanted to show Anglicans that they were willing to meet them half-way on resolving differences over religious doctrine.

8 Which of the following characterized life in the Chesapeake region in the early 17c?:
a relatively long life expectancy compared with that in the harsh environment of New England.
rapidly developing urbanization.
a population density which required residents to live in close proximity to neighbors.
the presence of many more men than women, giving women somewhat greater status because of their scarcity.

9 As a result of the cultivation of tobacco in Virginia?:
the large estates were divided into smaller agricultural units.
a scattered pattern of settlement emerged in the colony.
the Virginia Company began to send male laborers to the colony.
settlers began to congregate in urban areas.

10 The CHIEF significance of the Great Awakening was that it?:
led to the foundation of many colleges.
provided Jonathan Edwards with an opportunity to preach.
was the first genuine unified movement of the American colonists.
revived intolerance in the colonies.
created a new interest in church attendance.