The Ford & Carter Years  (1)

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1 Gerald Ford's main liability in the 1976 presidential election was?:
his inexperience in foreign policy.
the Republican party's position on civil rights.
the war in Vietnam.
the Watergate scandal.
his support for a national health insurance plan.

2 President Ford's foreign policy included support for all of the following EXCEPT?:
the SALT II agreement.
the Helsinki agreement on European boundaries.
the continued rapprochement with China after the death of Mao Zedong.
the abandonment of United States mediation efforts in the Middle East.

3 Which of the following made the Ford administration different from any other in the history of the United States?:
the vice president was also the Attorney General.
President Ford made no appointments to the Supreme Court.
neither the president nor the vice president had been elected to office.
Congress asserted power in the field of foreign policy.

4 The Helsinki Accords, signed by Gerald Ford and leaders of thirty-four other nations?:
pledged signatories to guarantee certain basic human rights.
rejected the Soviet-directed boundary of Poland.
proved to many Americans that détente was still a two-way street.
was condemned by West Germany as meaningless.

5 Which of the following contributed to Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini's hatred of the United States?:
while he was in exile, the American government had regarded him as a Communist rather than recognizing him as a Muslim fundamentalist.
the CIA had put the Shah of Iran in power and had trained his ruthless secret police.
he had been subjected to prejudice and harassment many years earlier as a graduate student in the United States.
he had been the target of CIA-sponsored assassination attempts on three different occasions in the 1970s.

6 Which of the following was the most significant foreign policy accomplishment of President Jimmy Carter?:
Paris Peace Accords.
Panama Canal Treaties.
SALT I Treaty.
Mayaguez Incident.
Camp David Accords.

7 Which of the following was NOT a major issue during the presidency of Jimmy Carter?:
Iranian hostage crisis.
the unilateral withdrawal of U. S. troops from Europe.
SALT negotiations.
human rights.

8 Jimmy Carter's success in the election of 1976 resulted in large part because?:
President Ford refused to choose a running mate who appealed to the Republican right.
Carter seemed to possess honesty, piety, and an outsider's skepticism of the federal government.
Carter's considerable service in Washington assured voters of an experienced administrator.
Ford's acerbic personality had generated an atmosphere of bitterness and acrimony in Washington.

9 President Carter's administration had its greatest difficulties with its?:
Central American policy.
energy conservation policy.
land conservation policy.
East Asian policy.
economic policy.

10 In response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, President Carter did all of the following EXCEPT?:
he imposed economic sanctions on the Soviet Union.
he called for a boycott of the 1980 Olympics in Moscow.
he withdrew SALT II from consideration by the Senate.
he invoked the SEATO treaty, by which member nations were to confer with one another in case of attack.

11 President Carter thought he could advance the cause of human rights by?:
cutting off U. S. aid to dictatorial regimes.
arranging summit meetings with the leaders of the Middle East.
intervening in the politics of Nicaragua.
threatening to use force against Cuba's dictatorship.

12 President Carter called this issue The moral equivalent of war. What issue was it?:
worldwide poverty.
deregulation of industry.
the energy issue.
poverty in America.