The Gilded Age (1)

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1 Which of the following was NOT a factor in shaping Gilded Age politics?:
politics was seen more as a way to get office rather than a way to press certain issues.
business remained separate from politics.
in national politics, neither party could keep both a majority in Congress and a president in the White House.
none of the presidents in this period could be described as a strong leader.

2 The purpose of the Pendleton Act of 1883 was to?:
fill some government jobs on the basis of competitive exams.
establish the first racial quotas for government jobs.
ensure that appointments to government jobs were approved by Congress.
declare illegal the system of city political machines and boss rule.

3 Scholars considered the 1896 election "critical" because?:
it showed that the American people will reject radicalism.
it brought progressive politicians into power.
it discredited the free silver crusade.
it initiated a realignment in the power of the two main political parties.

4 What reason was given by President Cleveland for intervening with federal troops in the Pullman Strike of 1894?:
the Governor of Illinois requested the troops.
the strike endangered the national health and safety.
the strike interfered with the United States' mails and interstate commerce.
federal property was being destroyed.
the strike endangered the national defense.

5 In its decision in the case of Plessy v. Ferguson, the Supreme Court held that?:
separate facilities for different races were inherently unequal and therefore unconstitutional.
no black slave could be a citizen of the United States.
Affirmative Action programs were acceptable only when it could be proven that specific previous cases of discrimination had occurred within the institution or business in question.
imposition of a literacy test imposed an unconstitutional barrier to the right to vote.
separate but equal facilities for different races were constitutional.

6 Which person would most likely have been inclined to vote for William McKinley in 1896?:
an owner of a silver mine.
the president of a bank in Indiana.
a member of the Knights of Labor.
an Illinois farmer with a $5,000 mortgage on his farm.
a person who favored vigorous enforcement of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

7 If the gold delegates dare to defend the gold standard as a good thing, we will fight them to the uppermost. Bryan's famous "Cross of Gold" speech called for?:
the unlimited coinage of silver.
lower tariffs.
a revival of greenback paper currency.
renewed religious commitment for all Americans.
federal and social welfare programs to deal with the Panic of 1893.

8 Politicians of the Gilded Age used the spoils system to?:
dispense government jobs for political purposes.
elect all federal government officials.
fill government jobs based on merit rather than patronage.
remove incompetent politicians from office.

9 Stalwarts, Half-Breeds, and Mugwumps were?:
names for Democratic Party reformers.
Native American political groups of the late 19c.
factions of the Republican party that fought over issues like civil service reform.
independent political parties.

10 From 1876-1897, political control of the national government in the United States?:
was dominated by the Republican Party.
reflected the general influence of the Socialist Party.
was dominated by the Democratic Party.
reflected a stalemate between the two major parties.

11 The Interstate Commerce Act and the Sherman Anti-Trust Act?:
created strong governmental machinery for dealing with corrupt business practices.
both outlawed rebates.
created price controls for industry.
proved to be ineffective in the regulation of business abuses.