Immigration & Urban Society:   Late 19c  (2)

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1 Which of the following groups would have been most likely to support Tammany Hall?:
industrial and business leaders.
organized religion.
poor urban immigrants.
middle-class shop owners.
wealthy rural landowners.

2 Jane Addams is most closely associated with which of the following?:
temperance reform.
higher education for women.
women's suffrage.
Protestant missions.
the settlement house movement.

3 After 1890, increased immigration began to present a national problem because?:
unskilled laborers tended to concentrate in crowded urban slums.
contract laborers enabled employers to combat strikes effectively.
the American educational system could not absorb the numbers of immigrant children.
unskilled laborers could not become members of labor unions.
skilled laborers were essential to industry.

4 The social ethic which prevailed in late 19c America stressed that?:
family background should determine social rank.
social class should determine social rank.
greed had more to do with success than good character did.
economic success was available to anyone who worked hard.

5 Those believing in the idea of the "Melting Pot" predicted that?:
each immigrant group would always maintain its separate identity.
all immigrant groups would eventually adopt an English culture.
a unique American culture would emerge from the blending of Old World cultures.
some immigrant groups would retain their culture while others would gradually blend into the mainstream culture.

6 In the late 1800s, the available welfare services were generally provided to the urban poor by?:
the bosses of the city machines.
private philanthropic organizations.
federal relief agencies.
state welfare agencies.
all of these choices are correct.

7 Europeans who came to the United States after 1880 have been described as "new" immigrants mainly because they?:
were considered physically and mentally superior to earlier immigrants.
arrived before the closing of the frontier and settled farms in the West.
came chiefly from northern and western Europe.
came generally from different countries than most earlier immigrants.

8 Which of the following enabled city dwellers of the late 19c and early 20c to live in greater comfort and safety?:
the adoption of public health regulations.
the increased use of coal-burning stoves.
pollution-control legislation.
government financing of low-income housing.

9 The most dangerous aspect of urban life in the late 19c was?:
opium addiction.
air pollution.
the increase of murders and robberies.
inadequate water and sewage systems.

10 The groups that migrated to the cities after the Civil War included large numbers of all of the following groups EXCEPT?:
southern Blacks.
southern Whites.
foreign immigrants.
eastern farmers.