Westward Expansion & Manifest Destiny (1)

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1 Policies based on the idea of Manifest Destiny led to all of the following EXCEPT?:
war with Mexico.
increased sectional conflict over slavery.
the annexation of Texas.
the decline of the Democratic party.

2 In Congress, most of the criticism of the Mexican War came from the?:

3 The California Gold Rush resulted in all of the following developments EXCEPT the?:
influx of over 200,000 people into the region.
forcing of thousands of Indians to serve as indentured laborers.
kidnapping of thousands of Chinese to serve as workers.
pressuring of the federal government to create an effective government for the area.

4 President Zachary Taylor favored the?:
exclusion of slavery from all the lands acquired from Mexico.
swift admission of new states from the Mexican Cession, with the issue of slavery decided by the local inhabitants.
gradual admission of new states from the Mexican Cession, after giving southerners a chance to move into the area.
creation of only slave states in all the lands acquired from Mexico.

5 The application for California statehood caused turmoil in Congress because?:
it would upset the balance between the slave and free states in the Senate.
it would disturb the balance in the House between those who favored slavery and those who opposed it.
Democrats would allow no more slave states into the Union.
Whigs would allow no more free states into the Union.

6 Manifest Destiny was based on all of the following ideas EXCEPT?:
Anglo-Saxon racial superiority justified American absorption of inferior peoples and their lands.
new lands would extend the domain of free government and free enterprise.
conquest of new territory would prove American military superiority.
America had a specially ordained mission in the world.

7 What was the cause of the increasingly tense relations between the Mexican government and the American residents in Texas after 1830?:
the instability of Mexican politics.
attempts by the Mexican government to prohibit importation of slaves.
increasing American immigration.
all of these choices are correct.

8 The Senate rejected annexing Texas drawn up by Secretary of State Calhoun because?:
he defended annexation as a way to protect and defend slavery.
the Texans were not yet ready to give up their independence and join the United States.
the British threatened to break off diplomatic relations if the United States took the territory without compensating them.
Mexico threatened to declare war if the United States stole its province.

9 The Pre-Emption Action of 1841?:
forced squatters to buy at public auction the land they lived on.
authorized free land grants for homesteaders who improved unsettled federal land.
legalized settlement on federal land prior to its being surveyed.
provided 160 acres of land to veterans of the Mexican War.

10 "Ecological Imperialism" can best be described as?:
the efforts of white settlers to take land from Native Americans.
the aggressive exploitation of the West's bounty.
a desire for the United States to acquire California.
none of these choices are correct.