Multiple Time Frames / Multiple Topics  (2)

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1 Which of the following groups of items are associated with corruption in government?:
Dollar Diplomacy --- the Mann Act.
Credit Mobilier --- Teapot Dome.
the Hatch Act -- the Comstock law.
Muller v. Oregon --- Taft-Hartley Act.
Fair Standards Act -- the Granger laws.

2 The largest absolute vote in American history received by a third-party candidate for president was achieved by?:
Perot in 1992.
Roosevelt in 1912.
La Follette in 1924.
Thomas in 1932.
Weaver in 1892.

3 Women became the major source of employees at New England textile mills at approximately the same time that women?:
won the vote.
formed temperance and anti-slavery societies.
began to work in munitions factories.
were victims of the Triangle Fire.
became secretaries and typists, replacing male clerks.

4 The foreign policies of Washington, Jefferson, and Monroe were similar in that they?:
aided the French Republic.
favored England.
were hostile to England.
sought to avoid involvement in European affairs.

5 Which of the following is generally considered the most ambitious reform program since the New Deal?:
Truman's Fair Deal.
Kennedy's New Frontier.
Eisenhower's domestic program.
Nixon's New Federalism.
Johnson's Great Society.

6 Dollars that ranged in value from a few cents to 100 cents were simultaneously circulating in the United States until?:
the Constitution of 1787, prohibiting the states from issuing bills of credit, was ratified.
the first United States Bank was established.
the Independent Treasury System was established.
Andrew Jackson's issued the Specie Circular.
Congress taxed state bank notes out of existence in 1865.

7 Which of the following pairs of candidates NEVER opposed each other in a presidential election?:
Nixon and Kennedy.
Ford and Carter.
Reagan and Mondale.
Truman and Taft.
Eisenhower and Stevenson.

8 Between what two men was there the MOST serious controversy over the conduct of a war?:
Woodrow Wilson --- General Pershing.
Franklin D. Roosevelt --- General Eisenhower.
Abraham Lincoln --- General McClellan.
William McKinley --- Admiral Dewey.
Theodore Roosevelt --- General Wood.

9 Which principle of our federal government is illustrated by the following newspaper headline?:
checks and balances.
impeachment powers.
concurrent powers.

10 The following pairs link significant labor unions in American history with a brief description of how they operated in the period 1870 to 1950. The INCORRECT pair is?:
Knights of Labor--->tried to organize a single union for all workers and tried to reform the economy through political campaigns.
Congress of Industrial Organizations--->tried to organize workers by industry and took a militant approach to advancing all of the workers' interests.
American Federation of Labor--->tried to organize workers by craft and concentrated on getting better wages and working conditions.
Industrial Workers of the World--->tried to organize craft unions in the mining industry and favored a peaceful, cooperative approach to dealing with management.