Populism (2)

Select the correct choice 

1All of the following joined to create the Populist Party EXCEPT?:
the Woman's Christian Temperance Union.
the Knights of Labor.
the American Federation of Labor.
the Farmers' Alliance.

2All of the following means were favored by the farmers between 1870 and 1900 in an attempt to better their condition EXCEPT?:
limits on production of farm crops.
regulation of railroads' hauling rates.
cheap money and low tariff rates.
cooperative marketing societies.
new third parties that worked for farmers' interests.

3An important result of the Populist movement was that it?:
split the Republican Party.
helped to discredit the muckrakers.
promoted the acceptance of industrial unionism.
succeeded in gaining enough votes in agricultural states to form the "farm bloc."
helped to liberalize the Democratic party platform of 1896.

4The Supreme Court upheld the principle that state governments could regulate railroad and grain elevator companies with its decision in?:
Munn v. Illinois.
Plessy v. Ferguson.
Muller v. Oregon.
McCulloch v. Maryland.
ex parte Mulligan.

5The Populist movement of the 1890s can best be described as a?:
trade union movement located in major Eastern cities.
political coalition of farming interests directed against banking and railroad interests.
reform movement seeking to eliminate urban poverty and slums.
political interest group desiring a war with Spain to protect U. S. interests in Cuba.

6The Farmers' Alliances of the 1880s appealed primarily to?:
small farmers in the Northeast who found themselves unable to compete with large Western farms.
established and well-to-do farmers who desired to limit production in order to sustain high prices.
Southern and Great Plains farmers frustrated with low crop prices and mired in the sharecrop and crop lien systems.
owners of the giant "bonanza" farms of the northern plains states who sought special advantages from the government.
Chinese immigrants serving as agricultural workers with low pay and poor working conditions, primarily in the Eastern states.

7Supporters of the Populist Party included large numbers of all of the following groups EXCEPT?:
mid western family farmers.
southern tenant farmers.
western miners.
eastern labor union members.

8During the 1892 presidential election, large numbers of white farmers in the solid South refused to desert the Democratic party and support the Populist party because they?:
had nothing to gain politically.
had little to gain politically.
feared losing political power to blacks.
believed that too many Populists were former Republicans.

9Which of the following was NOT a goal of the Populist party?:
having government take over and run the railroads.
increasing the money supply.
raising the protective tariff.
having the people elect U. S. senators instead of state legislatures' choosing them.
none of these choices are correct.

10The Sherman Silver Purchase Act of 1890?:
severely hurt creditors by causing an inflationary spiral.
established that the greenbacks issued during the Civil War could remain in circulation.
caused a substantial increase in the nation's money supply.
fixed the government's monthly purchase of silver in weight rather than dollars.