Ronald Reagan and The New Conservatism   (1)

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1 "Reaganomics" was based upon which of the following theories?:
cutting taxes would stimulate investment which would in turn increase employment and tax revenue.
government must "prime" the economic pump by large expenditures in order to produce prosperity.
the United States was an undertaxed country where taxes must be increased substantially and the money spent on public needs.
the government must institute wage and price controls in order to control inflation.
the government must turn to tight controls on the money supply in order to cut inflation.

2 All of the following contributed to President Ronald Reagan's election victory in 1980 EXCEPT?:
the Iranian hostage crisis.
the state of the domestic economy.
the Carter policy toward Afghanistan.
President Carter's Vietnam policy.
Reagan's personal charisma.

3 The "supply-side" economic theory that President Reagan sought to implement early in his administration called for?:
increasing government spending to stimulate consumption.
cutting taxes to encourage new investment.
maintaining high interest rates to control inflation.
all of these choices are correct.

4 In the national elections of 1984, the Democrats made electoral history by, for the first time, nominating a vice presidential candidate who was?:
Native American.

5 The so-called Iran Contra Scandal involved the Reagan administration in?:
a secret CIA effort to arm Iranian exiles and stage an invasion.
selling weapons to the anti-American government in Iran and using the profit to aid the pro-American Contras in Nicaragua.
planting misleading intelligence information with the governments of Iran and Iraq in order to stir up a war between them.
a scheme to divert frozen Iranian assets into the campaign coffers of a republican senate candidate in Virginia.

6 The Reagan doctrine of American activism in the Third World was most particularly exercised in?:
Grenada and Nicaragua.
Iran and Saudi Arabia.
El Salvador and Chile.
the Philippines and South Africa.
Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.

7 The costly and highly criticized Reagan program known as the Strategic Defense Initiative ("Star Wars") proposed to?:
arm the Contras in order to bring down the Sandinista regime.
create a defensive missile system in space to shield the U. S. from any foreign missile attack.
place Marines in the Middle East in order to defend access to Middle East oil.
move beyond limiting the growth of nuclear weapons to negotiating actual reductions.

8 Ronald Reagan's political objectives as president included all of the following EXCEPT?:
an increase in military spending.
a balanced budget.
the expansion of the welfare state.
the appointment of a conservative judiciary.

9 Reagan and Gorbachev met three times in three years, with discussions focusing on?:
environmental issues.
the sharing of computer technology.
space program collaborations.
arts and cultural exchanges.
arms reduction.

10 After arriving in Lebanon in 1982 as a peacekeeping force, American troops?:
allied with the Israeli troops remaining in Lebanon.
brought peace and stability to the war-ravaged country.
became involved in the hostilities between warring Lebanese factions.
consistently maintained a strictly neutral position in the Lebanese civil war.