Ronald Reagan and The New Conservatism   (2)

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1 In his first year in office, President Reagan tackled the issue of inflation by?:
establishing a Department of Energy.
encouraging Congress to pass a new tax law reducing income taxes.
stopping U. S. military and economic aid to Taiwan.
repealing the minimum wage law.
increasing military support for terrorist activities.

2 During his second term, President Reagan faced his gravest foreign policy challenge from Congress over his support for?:
the Contras.
the Sandinistas.
Margaret Thatcher.
the MX missile system.

3 The Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act, passed in late 1985, included what "automatic" measure designed to achieve a balanced budget?:
tax increases.
postponement of interest payments on the national debt.
reduction of entitlement benefits.
across-the-board budget cuts.

4 The stunning victory of the Republican party in the 1980 election was due primarily to the fact that?:
many Democratic votes were siphoned off by third party candidates.
the political pendulum that started its swing toward conservatism a decade earlier was still moving to the right.
Ronald Reagan was more effective in debating than Jimmy Carter.
after twelve years of Democratic rule the voters were ready for a change.

5 The conservative movement by 1980 was supported by all of the following EXCEPT?:
Moral Majority.
opponents of affirmative action.
advocates of gun control.
critics of "secular humanism."
citizens against increased taxes.

6 The INF Treaty?:
was between Italy, the Netherlands, France, and the United States.
eliminated intermediate-range nuclear missiles.
doubled the amount of wheat sold annually to the Soviet Union.
concerned whaling rights in the Pacific.

7 The savings and loan crisis of the mid-1980s occurred, in part, because of?:
the lack of reform in the banking industry.
reductions in the number of federal regulators and too many S & L investments in high-risk ventures.
corrupt practices on the part of government banking inspectors.
all of these choices are correct.

8 In the Reagan Doctrine, the Reagan administration declared that it would?:
end restrictive international trade policies.
allow all nations to determine their own political and economic future.
openly support anti-Communist forces fighting the Soviets or Soviet-backed governments.
respect the sovereignty of all nations.

9 The election of 1984 demonstrated that the?:
New Deal coalition was in shambles.
political power of the Sunbelt was waning.
American electorate wanted a repeal of the New Deal.
South was still a solidly Democratic stronghold.

10 To weaken the Sandinista government in Nicaragua, the Reagan administration?:
endorsed the Contradora peace plan backed by other Latin American nations.
relied on peaceful persuasion to encourage the Nicaraguan people to question their government.
secured the agreement of European allies to cut off trade with Nicaragua.
used the CIA to initiate an anti-Sandinista campaign of sabotage and destruction.