When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains
      And the women come out to cut up what remains
      Just roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
      An' go to your Gawd like a soldier. 
    ---  Rudyard Kipling



bullet 100 Afghan Proverbs
bullet ABC News - America Fights Back
bullet About Afghanistan
bullet Afghan Cooking
bullet Afghan Daily - sponsored by WorldNews.com
bullet An Afghan Folio ("Light and Water") - a slide show of pictures
by photo-journalist Luke Powell
bullet Afghan Info Center
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bullet AfghanPedia
bullet Afghanistan
bullet Afghanistan:  1878-1880
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Afghanistan:  Land in Crisis (National Geographic)

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bullet Afghanistan (ABC News)
bullet Afghanistan News - The Frontier Post, Pakistan
bullet Afghanistan News.net
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Humanitarian Affairs
bullet Afghanistan Photo Archive - U. S. National Security Archives
bullet Afghanistan Photo Gallery
bullet Afghanistan--Portals to the World (Library of Congress)
bullet Afghanistan Research Group (ARG)
bullet Afghanistan Resource Page - EurasiaNet.org
bullet Afghanistan Studies
bullet Afghanistan, the Taliban, and the US: selected internet resources
(UC Berkeley)
bullet Afghanistan Watch -The New Republic

Afghanistan - Washington Post

bullet Al Qaeda
bullet Ajeeb.com - Al Jazeera's English website
bullet Al-Q'aida Profile - Center for Non-Proliferation Studies
bullet Alternative Resources on the U.S. "War Against Terrorism"
bullet AlterNet.org - alternative views on the war in Afghanistan
bullet "America At War" - Washington Post archives
bullet America Fights Back (CBS News)
bullet America on Alert (Time Magazine Special Report Page)
bullet America's Response to Terrorism - The Brookings Institute


America's War Against Terrorism - University of Michigan Documents Center
bullet Amnesty International - Articles on Afghanistan
bullet Annotated Bibliography of Government Documents Related to the Threat of Terrorism & the Attacks of September 11, 2001
bullet Attack on America:  Osama bin Ladin, the Taliban, and Terrorism -
Joyner Library (East Carolina Univ. - NC)
bullet "Behind the Headlines" - MSNBC - The War Front
bullet Beneath the Veil (CNN)
bullet "Bin Laden's World" (Washington Post)
bullet Conflict and Development:  Understanding the Afghan Crisis - Eldis
Resource Centre
bullet Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR)
bullet Counter-Terrorism Bills Website
bullet Crisis in Afghanistan - UNHCR Refugee Agency
bullet Day of Infamy - special report in Time Magazine
bullet Documents on the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
bullet Documents on Terrorism - The Avalon Project
bullet The First Anglo-Afghan War
bullet The Global Coalition Against Terrorism - U. S. State Department
bullet Government Information on Afghanistan and Country Study
bullet Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan - IN FOCUS
bullet "Hunting for Bin Laden" (CBS Interactive Report)
bullet Images of Afghanistan from 1976-1978 by photo-journalist
Doug Powell
bullet The Immigration and Naturalization Service's Contacts With Two September 11
bullet Inside the Terrorist Network (Frontline)
bullet The Institute for Afghan Studies
bullet International Crisis:  Afghanistan (Institute for War and Peace Reporting)
bullet International Terrorism - Documents
bullet International Terrorism Groups
bullet The Islamic State of Afghanistan - CIA World Factbook (1)     (2)
bullet The Languages of Afghanistan
bullet Legislation Related to the Attack of September 11, 2001
bullet The Lessons Of 1992 (AsiaWeek.com)
bullet MEGA LINKS on everything you can think of on the War Against Terrorism (Academic Info.)
bullet MEMRI's Jihad and Terrorism Studies Project
bullet The Mirror International - A Muslim View of World Affairs
bullet Most Wanted Terrorists - FBI website
bullet MSNBC - America Strikes Back
bullet The Music of Afghanistan
bullet muslimresource.com
bullet The New Afghan Provisional Government
bullet Osama Bin Ladin and al-Q'aida
bullet Osama bin Laden Is a Sign of Things to Come - Excerpts from an
Interview with Eqbal Ahmad from Progressive Review (Nov., 1998)
bullet Osama Bin Ladin:  Wealth plus Extremism Equals Terrorism

"Pakistan In-Depth" - Washington Post

bullet Peace Response
bullet Peacemaking and Peacebuilding in Afghanistan - Physicians for
Global Survival
bullet Postcards from Hell- Photos of Afghanistan by photo-journalist
A. Raffaele Ciriello
bullet Privacy Foundation - issues of security and personal privacy
bullet Qatar's Al-Jazeera TV lives up to reputation as Arab
world's CNN
(Middle East Online)
bullet Radio Afghanistan
bullet Rallies for, against war divide Rome by John L. Allen, Jr. in
The National Catholic Reporter
bullet Rebuilding Afghanistan - PBS Newshour
bullet "Rebuilding the Bamiyan Buddhas" (Newsweek - 12/31/01)
bullet Regions in Conflict (MSNBC interactive)
bullet "Reporting Central Asia" - Institute for War and Peace Reporting
bullet The Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
bullet "The Roots of Muslim Rage" - Bernard Lewis (9/90)
bullet The Royal House of Afghanistan
bullet September 11th Attacks and Their Aftermath...
bullet September 11th. - Museum of the City of New York
bullet The September 11th. Digital Archives
bullet The September 11th Sourcebook - The National Security Archives
bullet The Soviet War in Afghanistan
bullet The Taliban (Learning Network)
bullet Terrorism & Afghanistan
bullet Terrorism & Islam
bullet "The Terrorist Attack on America:  Background" - Foreign Affairs (12/2)
bullet Trail of a Terrorist (Frontline-PBS)
bullet UN Action Against Terrorism
bullet UN Talks on Afghanistan
bullet The U. S. Patriot Act and other American Anti-Terrorism Measures
(Center for Democracy & Technology)
bullet The U. S. War in Afghanistan (The World Socialist Web Site)
bullet "The War Against Terrorism" - CNN
bullet War in Afghanistan - BBC News
bullet War in Afghanistan - The Guardian
bullet The War in Afghanistan - Pravda
bullet The War in Afghanistan - The Soviet Phase (map)
bullet The War on Terror (FOXNews)
bullet The War on Terror - London Times
bullet The Weather in Afghanistan
bullet Who Is Osama bin Ladin? - MidEast Web
bullet Winning the Endgame in Afghanistan - The Heritage Foundation
bullet Women in Afghanistan
bullet World Conflict Quarterly
bullet The World in a Nutshell - Afghanistan Facts

World Trade Center and Pentagon Attacks - multiple links

bullet Znet - alternative views on the war



bullet 1975-88:  Documents on the Russian-Afghan War
bullet 10-96:  Declaration of War Against the Americans Occupying the Lands of
the Two Holy Places by Osama bin Ladin 
bullet 2-23-98:  Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders by Osama bin Ladin (his
declaration of war)
bullet 9-11-98:  John Miller's Interview with Osama bin Ladin (ABC News)
bullet 6-28-00:  Declaration of the Essential Rights of Afghan Women
bullet 7-1-00:  "State Versus Religious Liberty:  Religious Freedom and Secret
Evidence" - speech by
Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D., Minaret of Freedom
bullet 12-19-00:  U. N. Security Council Resolution 1333 imposing sanctions on
bullet 2-14-01:  ABC News Interview with Osama bin Ladin
bullet 6-27-01:  Interview with Ahmadshah Massoud, commander of Afghanistan's
United Front in Jane's Defense Weekly
bullet 9-11-01:  President Bush's TV Speech to the American Nation

9-12-01:  Prime Minister Tony Blair's statement to the press the day after the events in the US

bullet 9-17-01:  President Bush's "Islam ic Peace" speech
bullet 9/19-20/01:  Mullah Omar's Speech to Muslim Clerics on bin Laden
bullet 9-19-01:  President General Musharraf of Pakistan - speech to his nation
on working with the U. S. in the war in Afghanistan
bullet 9-20-01:  President Bush's "Islam is Not the Enemy" Speech to Congress

9-20-01:  Tony Blair to a memorial service in New York

bullet 9-21-01:  Fighting Terrorism on a Global Front - Kofi A. Annan
bullet 9-24-01:  Statement by Osama bin Ladin
bullet 9-26-01:  Mullah Omar interview with The Guardian
bullet 10-2-01:  U. S. Counter-Terrorism Bill
bullet 10-2-01:  Opening statement of the press conference by the Secretary
General of NATO, Lord Robertson
bullet 10-4-01:  Full text of the summary of evidence against Osama bin Laden
in U.S. terrorist attacks, released by the British government
bullet 10-4-01:  Statement to the Press by NATO Secretary General, Lord
Robertson, on the North Atlantic Council Decision On Implementation
Of Article 5 of the Washington Treaty
bullet 10-4-01:  Summary of the Uniting and Strengthening America Act
bullet 10-7-01:  President Bush announces American airstrikes on Afghanistan
bullet 10-9-01:  Statement by Osama bin Laden spokesman Sulaiman Abu
Ghaith Calling for Holy War Against the United States
bullet 10-21-01:  Joint Statement by Presidents Bush and Putin on Counter-
bullet 10-21-01:  Anti-terrorism statement signed by Pacific Rim countries in
Shanghai, China
bullet 10-22-01:  Political Cartoon on the Taliban in The Daily Hot News, Pakistan
bullet 10-25-01:  U. S. Patriot Act (H. R. 3162)

10-30-01:  Prime Minister Tony Blair to the Welsh Assembly

bullet 11-4-01:  FBI New York Press Release - U. S. indictment against bin Ladin

11-6-01:  President Bush to the Warsaw Conference on Combatting Terrorism

bullet 11-9-01:  President Bush's speech in Atlanta, GA, on volunteerism
bullet 11-10-01:  President Bush's address to the U. N.
bullet 11-10-01:  President Pervez Musharraf’s Speech at 56th UNGA Session
bullet 11-12-01:  Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Bill - British House of
bullet 11-13-01:  President Bush's Executive Order on the Detention,
Treatment, and Trial of Certain Non-Citizens in the War Against

bullet 11-13-01:  Recommendations for Accountability in Afghanistan - Human
Rights Watch Letter to the United Nations Security Council
bullet 11-15-01:  President Bush's Speech on Ramadan
bullet 11-16-01:  Afghanistan World Bank Approach Paper
bullet 11-16-01: The U. K. - "Creating a Shadow Criminal Justice System in
the Name of 'Fighting International Terrorism'" - Amnesty International
bullet 11-16-01:  Mullah Omar's interview with BBC
bullet 11-17-01:  Laura Bush's Radio Speech on the Treatment of Afghan
Women and Children by the Taliban
bullet 11-18-01:  Political cartoon from The Baltimore Sun on the status of
women and men in Afghanistan [1 of 36 cartoons]
bullet 11-20-01:  Speech by Secy. of State Colin Powell on the Reconstruction
of Afghanistan
bullet 11-24-01:  Speech by Senator Hillary Clinton on Women in Afghanistan
bullet 11-27-01: Attorney General John Ashcroft provides total number of
federal criminal charges against INS detainees
bullet 11-27-01:  Letter from Attorney General John Ashcroft to 550+ Mideast
males in Michigan
bullet 11-28-01:  Political cartoon - view of the United States in Arab News
bullet 12-03-01:  Political cartoon from Newsweek on Afghan Government
bullet 12-13-01:  Transcript of the Usama bin Laden video - transcribed and
released by the U. S. Pentagon    complete video
bullet 12-26-01:  "Blessed Terrorism" - sound/video file of Osama Bin Laden's
latest video taped message
bullet 12-27-01:  Bin Laden Tape Excerpts
bullet 2001-2:  Political Cartoons on the Taliban (1)     (2)
bullet 2001-2:  World views on the U. S. War on Terror - political cartoons
bullet Article 5 of the Washington Treaty (NATO) and its meaning
bullet "Oh God, Open All Doors for Me!" - Mohammed Atta's Letter (excerpts)
bullet Letter from Naomi Shihab Nye, Arab-American Poet: To Any Would-Be Terrorists
bullet National Security Archives - The September 11th Sourcebooks
bullet Newspaper Front Pages from September 11, 2001
bullet RAWA Documents
bullet University of Michigan Document Center - America's War Against
Terrorism - multiple documents on the topic found here



bullet About Islam and Muslims
bullet African Middle Eastern Reading Room Home Page - Library of Congress
bullet Al-Islam (American University)
bullet Al-Quran Database
bullet American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
bullet The American Muslim Council toward the political empowerment of
Muslims in America
bullet Anatolia:  A Journey into the Heart of History
bullet Arab.net
bullet Arab News (Saudi Arabian English-language news site)
bullet Arabian and Persian Poetry
bullet Arabian Culture and Customs
bullet The Arabian Nights - translated into English by Sir Richard Burton
bullet Arabic Calligraphy
bullet The Arabic Language
bullet Arabic Numbers
bullet Arabic Writing
bullet The Arabian Nights - full text in translation
bullet The Archaeology of Afghanistan
bullet A Brief Chronology of Islamic History
bullet Center of Middle Eastern Studies - University of Texas at Austin

"Crusade Versus Jihad" - by Carole Hillenbrand

bullet The Crusades (Internet Medieval Sourcebook)
bullet The Crusades and the Rise of Islam
bullet Discover Islam:  A Poster Exhibit
bullet Early Islam:  A Chronology
bullet The Early Islamic Conquests - essay by Fred Donner
bullet Encyclopaedia of the Orient

Exhibition in Images - Persian Splendor

bullet Explore Islam
bullet Fatwa Online
bullet The Five Tenets of Islam
bullet The First Four Caliphs
bullet The Fundamentals of Islam (CBS News)
bullet Gallery of Art of the Muslim World
bullet The Hajj:  Islam's Journey of Faith (CNN In-Depth)
bullet The Haj Journey
bullet History of the Shrines
bullet Historical Documents on Palestine
bullet Historical Maps of Islam
bullet Historical Maps of the Middle East
bullet Images from Islam and Islamic Culture
bullet The Internet Islamic History Sourcebook (Fordham University)
bullet Isfahan:  A Virtual Tour
bullet Islam (ABC News)
bullet Islam and Islamic History in Arabia and the Middle East
bullet "Islam and Modern Science" - a lecture by Professor Seyyid
Hossein Nasr
bullet Islam and Secularism in Contemporary Turkey
bullet Islam and Women's Rights
bullet Islam:  Empire of Faith (PBS)
bullet Islam for Today
bullet Islam-Guide.com
bullet Islam in America: From African Slaves to Malcolm X
bullet Islam in America (a service of Dar al Islam)
bullet Islam in Spain
bullet Islam in the United States
bullet Islam in the U. S., Canada, and the Americas
bullet Islam Online.net
bullet Islam, the Modern World and the West
bullet Islam--Religions of the World Series (BBC)
bullet Islamic Architecture
bullet Islamic Art
bullet Islamic Art
bullet Islamic Art and Architecture
bullet Islamic Art, Music, and Architecture
bullet The Islamic Calendar
bullet The Islamic Calendar for North America
bullet Islamic Culture:  1095-1300
bullet Islamic Culture in Western Civilization - Echo of Islam
(March, 1995)
bullet Islamic Culture and the Medical Arts
bullet Islamic Fundamentalism - Encyclopaedia Britannica
bullet Islamic History:  from the Umayyads to the 20c
bullet Islamic History in Arabia and the Middle East
bullet Islamic History from 570-1000
bullet The Islamic Legacy of Timbuktu
bullet Islamic Philosophy, Scientific Thought and History
bullet Islamic Studies:  Islam, Arabic, and Religion - University of Georgia
bullet Islamic Texts and Resources Pages
bullet Islamic Thought
bullet Islamic Voice
bullet The Islamic World to 1600 (University of Calgary)
bullet IslamiCity.com
bullet "Jihad: war in the soul and war in an unjust world" - by
Tim Winter

The Life of Muhammed

bullet Learn Arabic - simple introductory online lessons
bullet Lessons from the Qur'an
bullet Letters of the Crusaders
bullet Lifting the Veil - Time Magazine (11-28-01 issue)
bullet Links to Middle Eastern Cultures and Resources
bullet Literature of the Middle East
bullet Maps and Countries of the Muslim World
bullet Maps of the Middle East
bullet Maps Related to Islamic History
bullet Mamluk Architecture
bullet "Meccan Trade and the Rise of Islam" - essay by Patricia Crone
bullet Middle Eastern Photographic Archive
bullet The Minaret of Freedom Institute
bullet The Mosque in America (A report by CAIR)
bullet Mosques Around the World
bullet Mughal Architecture
bullet Muhammad:  The Prophet of Allah
bullet Muhammad:  Messenger of God
bullet The Museum of Islamic History (Cairo, Egypt)
bullet The Muslim Journal
bullet Muslim Life in America
bullet Muslim Peace Fellowship
bullet Muslim Scientists, Mathematicians, and Astronomers
bullet Muslim Women's League
bullet Muslims (PBS Frontline)
bullet Muslims Internet Directory
bullet Naqshbandi:  The Sufi Way
bullet The Nation of Islam Web Site
bullet Near East Research Resources and Guides - Library of Congress
bullet North Africa Resource Guide
bullet The Origins of Islamic Law
bullet "The Other 1492: The Fall of Muslim Spain" - essay by
Greg Noakes
bullet Ottoman Architecture
bullet The Ottoman Page
bullet The Ottomans
bullet The Ottomans:  Rivals to Rome
bullet The Practice and Faith of Islam
bullet Quran
bullet The Qur'an in English translation
bullet Qur'an MP3 - the Al-Fâtahah spoken in Arabic
bullet "Race and Slavery in the Middle East" - essay by Bernard Lewis
bullet Ramadan Page (SoundVision.com)
bullet Resources for Islamic History
bullet Safavid Architecture
bullet The Sands:  Collected Articles from the Arab World
bullet Saudi Arabia:  History
bullet Sheherazade
bullet The Shi'a Homepage
bullet Spotlight on Muslim Misconceptions
bullet Statements from Leading International Academic Organizations
for the Academic Study of Islam, Religion, and Middle East
bullet Sufism, Sufis, and Sufi Orders

Sunnis and Shi'ites

bullet Timekeeping in Islamic Civilization
bullet The Topkapi Palace Museum
bullet Ummah.com
bullet Understanding Islam
bullet Understanding Islam and Muslims
bullet The United Arab Emirates:  The Land and Its People
bullet ViewIslam.com - An Introduction to Islam
bullet Why Islam?
bullet Women in Islam
bullet The World Islamic Trading Association

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